Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The end of eating spree?

Yesterday was our director last day with us. He is now the HOD of a department in our statutory board. In my 5 years here, he has given me guidance in my work and has helped me to look at issues from various perspectives. We have all learned a lot from him and I bet some of us have already missed him today.

One of our colleagues bought a chocolate cake from Goodwood Park that tastes similar to Ferraro Roche and we had a small farewell party yesterday late afternoon. We chatted for a while before our director made his round of saying goodbyes to other people and we returned to our work.

Yesterday evening was also the time for my 4 friends (ex-colleagues, lunchmates and colleague) to give me a belated birthday treat @ Thanying Restaurant @ Amara Hotel. One of our friends, J just went for a new Q-wave lasik operation @ Camden Medical Centre. Her power is about 1,300 degrees per eye and she did her right eye first. After hearing about her experience, I was unsure whether I would go for one too. Firstly, I'm not sure if I could control my eye muscle for 15 to 30 sec to focus ahead and not be distracted by green moving light and the thought of having my cornea slices is a little creepy. Anyway, one would have to go for a pre-op assessment to see if the cornea is thick enough, etc and whether the candidate is pyschologically ready.

Back to yesterday's dinner :) We had seafood tomyam soup (mild), chick green curry, deep fried garoupa with sauce, morning glory (aka spicy kallang), egg omelette with crabmeat, belachan rice and plain rice. With the exception of the egg dish, the rest of the dishes were yummy. I don't know how much the whole meal cost, since it was a treat but I think it's reasonable.

J was also describing to us a nice lunch buffet she had @ The Line @ Shangrila Hotel recently. It was a treat by her director and cost more than $40 but it was worth it with fresh sashimi, pasta dishes, desserts, chocolate fountain to dip in your marshmallows or strawberries and you can insert bits of gummies or cookie into ice cream by doing so on a cold slab of ice or marble. It sounds so yummy that all of us were thinking of visiting that place soon!

J, P and I wanted to proceed to Spinelli @ Amara Shopping Centre for drinks/desserts but it was already closed @ 8.30pm. We then went to Element Restaurant/Cafe @ Amara Hotel. J and I were torn between getting a $8 dessert buffet or just sharing 2 pieces of cakes ($3.50). In the end, I persuaded J that we should just skip the buffet as we just had a heavy dinner. We ordered a chocolate truffle cake and an American cheesecake to share among 3 of us. The truffle was good. The cheesecake was normal and not as good as the waitress claimed to be. I had camomile tea, P hot chocolate and J a decaf coffee.

It was nice to catch up with my friends. Nice food always adds a nice touch. After talking to J, I feel a little inspired again to learn something - either pick up my piano again or learn a new musical instrument :)

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