Friday, June 10, 2005

Frisky the stray cat

After releasing Dharma, we walked near the shop @ our void deck and found Frisky. The shopkeeper Uncle said the medicine is not really helping as Frisky is still losing her fur but still eats a lot. Mum and Uncle said it may be old age. I gave Frisky a gentle pat and stroke before we went home.

Back home, whenever mum and I hear some mynah chirping, we wonder if it's Dharma calling out for us or food. Mum said Dharma may have flown off somewhere else.


JerL said...

This kitty looks so poor thing.. dropped so much fur!! Oh dear, feel so sad

coboypb said...

Yeah, I feel heartache whenever I see Frisky. I'm not sure if bringing her to Dr Ling for a skin biopsy test would be helpful. The last time I brought Frisky to Dr Ling, it seemed like a stressful experience for her. In the meantime, I will just give her a hug everytime i see her :)

BAM said...

Oh dear, she doesn't look any she?