Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Dawn and Cat Welfare Society

I love reading the blogs of my friends and also Dawn who is working for Cat Welfare Society.

Last night, I posted a comment on Dawn's take on adoption versus sale of pets in pet shops. Here's the link:

I enjoy reading Dawn's blog as it gives a good idea of the work done by the Society in helping stray cats and the caregivers. It is heartening to read about people who spend their time planning programs, educating volunteers and partners, etc for the love of our feline friends. Dawn also shares her personal views and observations on issues affecting stray cats.

During my decision making process about which vet to bring Frisky for check-up, I emailed Dawn for recommendation. Thereafter a friend sent me a link to Dawn's blog and I have been a regular reader of her blog.

These are the other comments I have made there:

If you love cats, you should read Dawn's blog. If you are not and are just tolerant of them, I hope the next time you see a stray cat near your place or elsewhere, you understand that the cat is like us and has the right to live and just wants to be happy :)

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