Thursday, June 02, 2005


My friend called me this morning when I was still waiting for my bus to go to work. She found a young mynah lying on the ground near our office building. When I reached office, we managed to catch hold of the mynah and placed it in a small box. People must be wondering why 2 young ladies were on their knees groping for something in the bushes.

We weren't sure if Mynah has broken wings or legs. I called SPCA and the lady said it would be a great help if we could bring the mynah down to SPCA. We tried to feed it honeyed water but it only sipped a bit from the stirrer. Initially I used disposable gloves to hold the mynah but after a while I just use my bare hands. It is nice to feel a warm body with my hands than through a plastic barrier.

My colleague said I should join some animal rescue unit. Haha. Another friend said she wishes such things are viable in Singapore because most probably we can't survive ourselves.

During lunch time, 3 colleagues and I brought Mynah to SPCA and Deidre Moss was there and told us to be prepared that Mynah will most likely be put down if vet assessed she has broken limbs. We were lucky that the vet was in and we were there when the vet examined Mynah. No broken wings or legs. The vet deduced that Mynah has fallen out of the nest when she has not grown all her feathers (some still quite fluffy) and not able to fly. Our option will be to care for us until she can fly. We decided to bring Mynah back with us as SPCA would still put her down as there is no one to take care of her or any facility to house her. Deidre wished us good luck in taking care of Mynah and encouraged us to join SPCA. She said membership fee is going to increase soon and SPCA needs such young people like us to help out.

We went to Novena Square for quick lunch and also visited Pets Kampong. There is no bird cage, so we bought some small bird seeds. I doubt Mynah can eat it yet. I shall bring Mynah in the cupboard box with me to tennis lesson and home later. Next Mon I will be going for my wisdom tooth surgery and will be on 5 days' MC and could take care of her @ home.

I called home to tell my mum or dad, so that they would be mentally prepared. Dad was the one to pick up my call and his response was like "What! Another animal!" Hahaha. But after a while, he calmed down and I thought I could feel his smile on the other side of the line.

Now Mynah seems to have calmed down. We tore up small strips of newspaper and lined them around Mynah so that it is like a nest and helps to keep it warm. I forgot to ask the vet about its sex. My friend said we could name it Honey :) Anyway, I just talked to mum and she seemed alright about me bringing Mynah home and said we should release it when it can fly.


JerL said...

wow, we have a real pet rescuer!! I'm really amazed by your love for living things..

I'm still thinking of the little handsome kitty we saw at Kovan. Seeing a little animal injured is just so heart wrenching!

Would really love to see and hold Honey in my hands if I have a chance! :)

Dawn said...

It was really nice of you to take in the bird - glad it's doing okay!

slushy_mushy said...

Agreed. You have such a big heart!

coboypb said...

thanks for your compliments :) Anyway Mynah may be called Blackie as I heard Mum calling it by that name. Haha. I'm glad Mum is helping me to take care of Mynah when I'm @ work today and seems to dote on it like a baby.

slushy_mushy said...

You must be so thankful you have parents that care for animals too. The fact that your mom now dotes on Blackie is great!

So parents who love animals have children who do too?

slushy_mushy said...

By the way, are you going to join SPCA?

coboypb said...

I think the love of animal is slowly developed and not overnight. First we have to get over our fear and then learn about the animal, interact and take care of it. It is good for parents and children to feel the same way about the animals/pets and together they can bond with one another and the pets.

coboypb said...

I'm considering whether to join SPCA or Cat Welfare Society to help out with their work in publicity/marketing. However, at the moment, I shall KIV it, take care of Blackie and look out for Frisky first.