Sunday, November 24, 2013

First attempt in making dorayaki

I remember enjoying dorayaki (aka Doramon's favorite snack) when I was young. I liked those from the food section of Yaohan supermarket which is no longer around in Singapore. I have seen dorayaki sold at some bakeries but I find them too sweet. After finding 2 recipes for dorayaki and the red bean paste on 2 blogs, I spent a few hours making them. The paste ended up a bit too dry and is not sticky enough to hold the 2 pancakes together. Hee. The pancakes are nice enough to eat on their own. Sis who doesn't like red beans ate the pancakes with ice cream and feta cheese separately.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ham cheese carrot broccoli quiche

After doing some research on quiche recipes, I decided to try one with a simple crust. Sis and dad found it quite nice and S likes it. I think something is missing and I suspect frying the ham with onion will make it taste and smell more aromatic. Next time :)


I think this is the first photo I had taken of Hitam. I sterilised her a year ago and she was formerly a pet cat of a Malay family who let her roam. After the family brought home another cat, she went home less often other. Now she seems to hang around the void deck of the next block across the car park and we will feed her. At times, we do see her going home, maybe for a quick visit or meal. She likes to follow us but not keen to be stroked.

Bob is so cute

White Neck Number 2

He reminds me of White Neck, one of the community cats who have left us. He is more vocal though. I managed to lure him into the carrier some weeks back and engaged Lingcat to send him to the vet for sterilisation.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cute magnet souvenir

Fion went for a holiday with her hubby recently and got me this :)

Cute community cat in a bicycle basket

It is a rainy morning. After feeding the community cats near my home and fetching mom from the polyclinic, we walked around the estate to buy lunch and bread. Along the way, we bumped into 3 community cats well cared by other cat caregivers. This third one has an interesting face. I couldn't resist running its chin and it responded by purring :)