Saturday, September 30, 2006

I must say Bush still hasn't lost his sexy swagger :) But poor him still has to subject to chase by Shadow. She is really a territorial creature. She chased Bush just now from some bushes and Bush had to hide under the drain. Posted by Picasa

After eating, Bush walked away from the pavillion but when I called his name, he turned back and meowed before walking away again. So sweet :) Posted by Picasa

There is some blood stain in the newspaper lining the carrier. Posted by Picasa

Can't really see Bush's tipped ear from this angle. I'm really happy to see him alright after his operation :) Posted by Picasa

Shadow appeared too and was curious about the carrier and even went in to check it out. Posted by Picasa

I woke up @ 6.30am and peeped into the carrier. Bush was awake and meowing quietly. I quickly ate my breakfast and @ 7am, Mum and I went down to the park with Bush in carrier and some food. Here Bush was ravenous and ate 4 heaped tablespoons for food. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 29, 2006

Bush aka Handsome

Bush is now sleeping in the carrier in our balcony after undergoing sterilisation operation @ Pet Clinic this afternoon. He now has a tipped left ear. Compared to White Neck, Bush has been very quiet. He didn't make any noise when I managed to lure him into the carrier and when Dad and I collected him from the clinic, he just stared at us with his beautiful big eyes.

When mum and I saw the Indian lady (who has been feeding the cats with wet food in the late afternoons) in the park, we quickly went down to have a chat with her. I also took the opportunity to pass her the Responsible cat feeding brochure, so that she can explain to people that feeding cats is not illegal and I also want to give her a gentle reminder that she should remember to clear the food after she feeds. It was funny to learn of the names she and her Malay friend have given for 2 of the cats. White Neck is called Humble and Bush is known as Handsome.

I just opened the new packet of Milka chocolate biscuit. I ate 6 small pieces. Very rich and yummy and the chocolate gave me little squirts of happiness :) Another thing that makes me happy is I have managed to get Bush into the carrier this morning (after putting some treats inside the carrier) and brought him to Pet Clinic for sterilisation @ 9am. At the clinic, there was a dog owner with his old blind dog. That poor dog kept walking around and bumped into the wall, my legs and the carrier. I feel sad for the dog. I should be able to collect him between 7-9pm later. Hope he will recover soon after the surgery. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

By the last few days, we were a bit tired of eating the hotel breakfast and on the last day, we went to a cafe and ate this interesting egg on bread. Yummy. I'm thinking of making something like that one day :)

We had yakitori for dinner that night. Posted by Picasa

We had dessert and tea @ Cafe Comme Ca Ism. The cakes looked really pretty and taste yummy too. Posted by Picasa

A mother and her kittens. Posted by Picasa

This cat looked really comfortable sleeping in the cushiony bed. Posted by Picasa

This little fellow kept running away whenever I approached and tried to befriend it :) Posted by Picasa

Hee. I haven't completed my stories about Japan yet. During our last few days in Tokyo, we visited another cat place, Cats Livin in Odaiba to pet the cats. Not sure if it's my own projection but I thought this cat looked sad the moment I saw it. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cat Welfare Society will be participating in Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA)'s Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow. The theme is "Don't get pets on impulse!". Do come down and visit us at CWS booth to get our merchandise (The Real Singapore Cat book, Christmas cards, T-shirts, bookmarks, mugs, car decals). You can also browse through the posters of cats who need good homes and speak to the adoptions volunteers to find out more about the cats who have touched your heart. There are other animal welfare groups who need your support too. Please check out AVA's website for more details on the roadshow.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Japanese conversation & Nature Walk

After the ferry ride to the southern islands, we rested and had some drinks at the ferry terminal. Although I don't understand what BB and Fusako-san were yakking away in Japanese, it was interesting to see their facial expressions, hear their laughter when they realised they have caught the same Jap drama series, manga, etc. They also discussed the culture in Singapore and Japan. I can understand the conversation, thanks to BB the interpreter :)

We were well rested and could proceed for the nature walk.

I think the dragon looks cool!

BB and Fusako-san were game for the walk too and as it was already after 6pm, the mosquitoes were crazy about us.

We had dinner @ Crystal Jade @ Ngee Ann City and had xiao long bao, drunken chicken, more xiao long bao in soup, another type of pork dumpling, cabbage, fried hand slice noodle with beef, fried rice. It was a hearty meal and we were happy to see Fusako enjoying the food. We went to the event house and Fusako and I bought some mini mooncakes (custard and lotus paste versions) from The Peninisula Hong Kong.

It was a long and rather tiring Sunday but I think all of us enjoyed the company, food and the experiences :)

A nice board provide some facts about Kusu island. Posted by Picasa

On Kusu island. Posted by Picasa

More of the ruined city. This morning I wrote in to Sentosa using the online feedback form about our disappointment to see this place in such a state and there are no clear notices to explain to the visitors or indication on the brochures, so that visitors don't come all the way to visit the place and leave disappointed. A Sentosa staff called me around 6pm to apologise and explained that the area and the ferry terminal have been slated for IR development but that is no excuse for them not to inform the visitors so. She said they are in the midst of revamping the brochures and would look into putting up notices. Posted by Picasa

It was amazing that a plant could grow out of the seat of a chair. Posted by Picasa

Fusako was interested in visiting the Lost Civilisation and Ruined City before we headed for Kusu and St John Islands. We were appalled to see the state of the place. Dilapidated, piles of rubbish. BB had to explain to Fusako that the place is not supposed to look like that, although it does resemble a ruined city. Posted by Picasa

We watched the 12.30pm animal show @ the amphitheatre before meeting our friend, BB for lunch @ the nearby Koufu foodcourt. Here, the female monkey was showing off her red bum. The bum is more inflated/pronounced when she is in heat. Posted by Picasa

Taken from the tower, Palawan Beach looks beautiful. Posted by Picasa

After Fort Siloso, Fusako wanted to visit the Southernmost point of Continental Asia @ Palawan Beach. The past few times I visited Sentosa (about a year apart) I would drop by that place. I like it. We were sitting at the rocks, resting our legs and taking a water break. Posted by Picasa

I didn't know this. Posted by Picasa

This white dog appearing again in the kitchen area. Posted by Picasa