Friday, April 29, 2011

Pink Magic @ Changi Airport

Sis is having muffin and mocha while I'm drinking lemongrass herbal tea and also taking photos of Pink Magic :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pink Magic is visiting Hong Kong!

I'll be bringing Pink Magic with me to Hong Kong the next few days. Sis said I'm crazy :) I don't think I'll be bringing her out of the hotel a lot but it will be fun to take photos of her in interesting settings :)

明日、妹とPink Magic (ブライス人形)とホンコンへ行くo(^▽^)o

Angel and the rug

Angel likes to wrap himself with the rug or hide under it :)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Resting @ home, the best medicine

After all the feasting over the long weekend coupled with insufficient sleep and water, I am down with sore throat and runny nose. Yesterday evening, I went to see the TCM doc, hoping that his medicine will cure me soon. This morning, I woke up with a heavy head and no appetite, so I decided to take urgent leave and rest at home. I just had mom's yummy porridge with century egg after helping her with the bean sprouts. I shall take it easy today.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Green and blue 青色

Bob's eyes, his cup and the wall have the similar lovely colour :)


Soba with lots of spring onions & coriander

I quickly whipped up some soba with fried omelette and veggies and Mirin. Not bad :)

Having fun on my birthday :)

Teasing Angel & Bob

Eating chocolate donut and cucumber sandwich

Baking cake

Eating parents' yummy fried rice and zucchini soup

Thursday, April 21, 2011




Pink Magic in the office

I brought Pink Magic with me to work as I was going to lunch in with my colleagues and I thought it would be fun to have her around. The few who saw her didn't freak out at all :) A friend even thinks she's pretty. I think Pink Magic brings a bit of colour to the office or at least to my workstation. haha. I was also wearing a pink blouse too.

Ochacha cafe & Seventh Heaven

On Tues, I went to the supermarket to get Mirin, soba, apples and chocolate before deciding to lunch at Ochacha cafe at Paragon. I was the only customer there at first. Not surprising as the prices are a bit high but it's nice if you want a place to rest and nibble/drink. I ordered Teriyaki Chicken Somen ($7) and some green tea soya bean milk ($4.80). The somen wasn't a lot, served cold but it was yummy. The soya drink was refreshing too.

I wanted to look for something light to eat as I didn't feel full enough. At Takashimaya Basement (Food Hall), I saw Seventh Heaven stall having a promotion for their popular Sea Salt Caramel ice cream at $2.90 instead of $4.20. I had it on a cone. It was a bit salty and not too sweet. I like! I was too busy savouring it to take a photo :P With a satisfied tummy, I went back to office.

Lovely sky outside my doorstep

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pink Magic and books

So sweet of the girls to give these craft and sewing books as my birthday present. I like to flip through the pages and hope one day will really make stuff for myself and my friends :)

I borrowed 2 books from the library. "How to talk to your cat" will teach me how to meow properly to the cats. haha. Just kidding. It explains the behaviour of the cats and through understanding them, we will be able to communicate with them better. Meow.

I saw Kino selling Japanese the Manga Way at $40+. I thought why not borrow from the library to see if the book is worth buying. The writer used selected panels from some manga to explain Japanese grammar. This book is recommended on Amazon and some forums on how to learn and improve Japanese on your own. I have yet to start on the book but I hope soon over the coming long weekend.

Angel on his daybed

Pink Magic's encounters with the cats

Bob didn't seem interested
Sniff sniff.
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Bob looked a bit cross-eyed :)

Beautiful eyes
More sniffing again

What was Pink Magic looking at?

Bob the "Siberian tiger" :P
Sitting together under my close supervision

Angel was smelling her face.
her hairclip,

and her hair.
Safe and sound :)

Sunday breakfast with Pink Magic

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Outing with girlfriends and dolls

Yesterday I met up with good friends and we had lunch @ Skinny Pizza @ Raffles City. The food was not too bad but I wasn't too wowed by them. They are photogenic though. We had sweet corn crab (it's sweet which I don't like), butter garlic chicken pizza (the meat reminds me of rendang), meatball spaghetti (a bit spicy), truffle fries (which FR said those @ 40 hands cafe are better) and chai chocolate cake (I forgot to take a photo. Unique taste but quite nice).

SP brought 4 Blythe dolls with her and 2 of which are for me and FR to doll sit. FR got Red Cherry and me Pink Magic :)

After lunch, we walked to Singapore Philatetic Museum as we wanted to catch the "Bunny Wonderland" exhibition.

It was actually my first visit and we had great fun :) You will see what we were busy doing most of the time. Hee.

Red Cherry & Stargazer outside the museum

At Level 1 of the Museum,
Pink Magic sat on the Vespa scooter

I was also admiring the rabbit postcards, stamps and the museum's interesting and nice interior and props.

Colour umbrellas hanging from the ceiling

@ the staircase, there are cute rabbits

past the exit door to Level 2 of the Museum

Pink Magic was considering a holiday with a big luggage but thought it would be more fun to include Red Cherry and Stargazer too :)

Too bad they don't serve teh or kopi.

On the way to Bunny Wonderland

In Bunny Wonderland

The adorable Sylvanian family (I had to knee on the ground and take these photos :) I didn't zoom in enough!)

This exhibition is great for kids and adults :)

Pink shoes and feet of JerL's and SP's girl :)

Fun time for the dolls

Nap time and Chocolate joined them

SP has also blogged about our fun outing.