Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cutting my hair short

I had been keeping my hair long for the past few years. Friends and family said I look nice with rebonded hair but I don't want to subject my hair to heat and chemicals. It takes me a long time to dry my hair and in this hot humid weather, it was hot to leave long hair down and I felt the hair band pulling the hair from my scalp when I tied it up.

A week ago, I went to my hairstylist and told her to cut my hair to about an inch below my ears. She commented that looking good is not a priority to me and I want to go natural and use organic hair products. She's right in a way but I think I can still look nice sporting a short hair cut if I bother to style it a bit. Now it's a breeze to dry my hair after a shower. Most friends said my short hair is refreshing but what really matters is I like it :) I will have to put my hair clips and hair band away and I don't think I will need them for a long long time. It also means I have to visit my hairstylist more frequently. This is a right decision I've made this year :)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bob & Bobby 2

Before I turned 32 last month, it was just Bob.

Sis gave me Bobby 2 as my birthday present.

This is how Bob welcomed Bobby 2 :)

Sis got herself one too that resembles Angel :)

Mini cheese & choc chip buns

I tried a recipe for milk buns a few Sundays ago and improvised by added shredded cheese and chocolate chips. Luckily they turned out quite nice. I would prefer the buns to taste sweeter but the cheese and choc give the plain taste bread a nice touch.

Mommy's special porridge

I feel very happy whenever I eat Mom's porridge. It's simple and full of ingredients, but mom doesn't cook it often, so it's a occasional treat.