Saturday, February 24, 2007

weekend meals

For lunch yesterday, I whipped up a simple dish by stir frying green veggies, shitake mushroom, minced beef, bean curd with a little help from Mum. Every bite was satisfying- not very oily and salty.

Mum was very nice to make me a bowl of Quaker Oats when I commented I was getting hungry and would hunt for food after I finished ironing my mountain of clothes at around 9pm. I happily lapped up the oats with milk while reading the Claidi collection book that BAM lent to me.

For lunch today, I oven toasted cheddar cheese with 3 sliced shitake mushrooms on bread.
(before toasting)
(after toasting)
It tasted surprisingly good. I can consider preparing that for lunch @ work :)

Mum's noodle lunch

Mum just cooked this for her lunch. She offered to cook for me too but I want to cook something myself after I'm done with blogging and surfing :)

Evening with good friends

Last night, I had dinner with BAM and Flying Raisin @ Curry Favor @ Stamford House. The food wasn't as good as what I tried and remembered a few years ago. We had this side dish (that I mistakenly thought is fried squid with cheese in the centre),


and also shared this ebi (prawn) fry curry rice

I drank iced almond milk tea as I like the smell of almonds.

FR gave me and Bam a Badger Balm each. I got this winter wonder balm - aromatic chest rub. Smells good!

A sweet note to end CNY holiday

I ended my Chinese New Year holiday with a visit to the Imp's place on Tues evening. Lovely home, company and dishes prepared by the Imp and 2 guys. I didn't think of taking photos of the wonderful spread of food behind me and only remembered to take shots of Dawn's desserts. Delicious!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mum's chicken curry

During Chinese New Year, Mum will cook chicken curry and we will have it for breakfast with bread and sometimes even for lunch and by the 2nd day, we will have finished the whole pot of curry.

Hidden beauty

Sometimes if you look carefully, you may discover something beautiful in the surroundings that you have been used to or taken for granted. Mum spotted this white flower in the park and I quickly took a photo of it.

Lunar new year wishes

Looking at Bush resting comfortably

I wish all the community cats will be safe, healthy and happy.

Reunion dinner 2007

Instead of the usual steamboat dinner @ home or @ Small Auntie's place, we had our reunion dinner with Small Auntie's family at Soup Restaurant at Suntec City. The food was so so but it was the company that matters. We chatted as we sampled the food, laughed as we shared our interesting experiences.

There is a good reason why reunion dinner is important :)

New cat in the park

A white male cat has been roaming into the park these few weeks on and off. On Sat when we were feeding the 4 cats, the white cat dropped by to eat some food
while Bush stared.

Then after a while he lost interest and rolled over

We shall see if the white cat comes regularly and will sterilise him if he wants to be part of the gang.

Home cooked dinners worth blogging about

The dinners cooked by mum and dad
last Tuesday
and Friday

Chinese New Year goodies

My friend's wife and colleagues decided to try their hand at baking and selling the fruits of their labour during this festive season. I supported them by buying each of their items (strawberry cheesecake, abacus cookies, sambal spring rolls and pineapple tarts). They are yummy. I like the cheesecake best!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Last day in Penang

When I woke up on our last day in Penang, I took some time to admire the view from the balcony.

Lee Choon and I went for the complimentary breakfast while Fion feasted on guavas and grapes in the hotel room. After tasting the mini buffet spread
, we had our main course served (Lee Choon - chicken congee and me - nasi lemak).

The trip was nice and relaxing in the company of good friends and not to forget the good food.

Shangrila Rasa Sayang

On our 2nd afternoon and night in Penang, we stayed in the newly renovated wing of Shangrila Rasa Sayang - Rasa Wing.

The girls couldn't stop raving about the deluxe room. Spacious. Clean.

Lovely view
from the balcony. It was not crowded due to the lull period. The service was good.

After having enough rest in the hotel room, we went to the gym for a workout before hitting the swimming pool. Karen drove us to another seafood place where we packed these food to enjoy at the balcony of our hotel room. Yummy!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

More good food in Penang

On our second day (10 Feb), we walked to the street behind our hotel for breakfast.

The kaya toast in Singapore tastes better with thick spread o
f butter and kaya. The interior of the cafe is quite nice, though.

Karen met us for lunch and brought us to Swatow lane for carrot cake, yam cake, Penang fried kway teow, chocolate ice cream ice kacang, rojak (with rose apples/jambu) which is like a dessert in Penang and ngoh hiang, fish cake and fried bean curd and Penang laksa. Penang hawker food is really yummy!