Friday, March 31, 2006

Lovely flowers overhanging at the structures in the park. Posted by Picasa

White Neck taking some sips of water. We were wondering where he got 2 bare spots on his left side. Perhaps from a fight. Posted by Picasa

Finally, 30 minutes later, White Neck became a bit more interested in food. Posted by Picasa

White Neck didn't eat much tonight. He was very interested in the whereabouts of Shadow, his love interest and also paid close attention to the movement of Fat Cat. Posted by Picasa

Fat Cat was running away from me despite me not using any camera flash. I had to sayang him and when that failed to make him return to the feeding area, I carried him and deposited him at mum's feet. Posted by Picasa

I wanted to take more photos of Fat Cat but he was scared by the flash and the zzzz sound of the camera and he ran away from me :< Posted by Picasa

Poor Pip having to bear with me as I tried to take photos of her in different angles :> Posted by Picasa

Pip is one of the friendliest campbell hamsters I know. She likes to climb onto my palm and allows me to hold her for quite a while. Posted by Picasa

Pip looks so adorable sitting there. She has a habit of eating off the "head" of the beansprout and just dumping away the rest of the "body". Posted by Picasa

Yummy! Fresh beansprouts and corn! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mum cooked nice porridge with pumpkin, century egg, etc for lunch today. Posted by Picasa

The 2 tops I bought from Chatuchak. These are what my friend would call Play clothes or what I call weekend clothes :> Posted by Picasa

I just realised that there is a lump near the right forearm of Ruth. I hope it doesn't hurt as the vet won't be able to perform a surgery to remove that on such a small creature. Posted by Picasa

I managed to finish reading Neil Gaiman's Stardust on the flights to and from Bangkok. Lovely story. I'm going to start on another of his novels, American Gods. Posted by Picasa

Forgot to mention that we had massages the past few days in Bangkok. I didn't dare to try Thai massage, so on Sat and Sun, went for foot massages and yesterday manicure and pedicure. hee. Posted by Picasa

Desserts and iced coffee @ one of the cafes @ Siam Paragon. A treat before we headed for the airport. Posted by Picasa

Lokchub refers to the colourful "fruits". We like the subtle sweet taste and bought some for our families back home. Posted by Picasa

The papaya salad tastes wonderful! Juicy tomatoes. spicy, sour sauce. Posted by Picasa

Glutinous rice to go with the food. Posted by Picasa

A nice spread of food Posted by Picasa

Spicy fish. I like the onions with the nice lemony and spicy taste. Posted by Picasa

Fragrant fried chicken Posted by Picasa

Spicy pork soup. It's quite salty but nice with pieces of mushrooms. Posted by Picasa

We had water and iced lemon tea Posted by Picasa

This is a popular cafe in Siam Square. Posted by Picasa