Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AVA's Responsible Pet Ownership EZlink sticker

I had stuck the sticker onto my EZlink card. Good thing sis noticed the AVA collaterals hanging on the railings of the NEL train or I won't have the lovely sticker on my card.

Notice @ home

I quickly wrote and drew it on a rough piece of paper, so that Dad would not switch off the computer that morning. Sis had to send some files via digidelivery and the PC had to run overnight. Sis was quite amused that I bothered to draw some cartoons below the message.

cooking therapy

I had recently cooked brown rice porridge for myself and parents on 2 occasions. The porridge was full of fish (for Mom after her op) and veggies.

Another time I cooked chasoba with fish and spring onion and coriander for mom and myself.

Last Sun, I cooked fish and pumpkin porridge for myself. It was yummy :) and I felt satisfied eating a healthy meal.

Angel looking good :)

Bye to worry for Mom and Bob

The past 2 months had been stressful, worrying and tiring. Mom suddenly had a lump appearing on her right neck. After numerous visits to Tan Tock Seng Hospital and ENT Clinic, Mom went for a day surgery for the strange lump to be removed and the doctor told us the good news that it was not cancer. About a month ago, Bob was limping and became well after we took him to the vet.

I'm so glad Mom and Bob are well. Of course, there are still stress from work and preparation for my Jap exam on 5 Dec but a big load is off my mind :)

Bob with arthritis?

I hope not, as Bob seems to have recovered and based on the vet's advice and online reading, arthritis is incurable but we can try to make the life of the affected cats more comfortable and less painful.

Bob was limping about a month ago. He suddenly limped on one of his legs, was just lying/sleeping most of the time and not eating much. We knew something was wrong when he was quiet in my room and he didn't jump up onto tables, chairs and higher planes. One of his eyes kept having discharge.

When he didn't recover on his own, we took him to Dr Tan @ Vet@RV who thought he might have arthritis, so he gave him a painkiller injection. Bob could jump and walk around for the next 24hrs but after that back to limping again. So we brought him back to Vet@RV and Dr Tan gave us a week of liquid painkiller and glucosamine for Bob. Bob only needed that week dose of painkiller and he has been walking normally without painkiller for the past 1.5 week.

Dr Tan has told us that it's important for Bob to lose some weight as he's overweight and the excess weight adds stress to his joints. I've been giving Bob less food and added wet food to his diet.

He still does lying around the house but he is alert and will meow loudly in the room when he wants to be out.

Bob is back to resting on stool

and high table :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

AVA's Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow

If I have time this weekend, I'll make a trip down to Singapore Expo for this event.