Thursday, September 24, 2015

Curiosity and comfort

Bob likes to explore new places around the house, sniff them and make himself comfortable.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Angel and loud noises

Angel is scared of thunder, so it is not surprising that he was also affected by the loud noises coming from the singing and music by the band playing at the park in front of the block of flats next to ours last night at 7.30pm. The RC organised the event for the residents to celebrate Mooncake Festival. Poor Angel just rested on his side and stared listlessly while waiting for the celebration to end. I played with him and Cinnamon separately with a toy to try cheering him up. I had to coax him back into Sis' room with his favorite catnip around 9.30pm, so that he can stay in the room and we can let Bob out for a while. Luckily by then, it was announcement of the lucky draw winners, which was not so loud.

Bob's grooming session

Mom and I are always amused by his sitting poses and sometimes he will just lazily rest on his side after grooming himself.

Craving for chocolate avocado cake

Even after a late lunch, I couldn't stop thinking about the ripe avocado waiting for me to transform it into something yummy. I love the chocolate avocado cake I made the past few times, so I measured all the ingredients and toned my arms by mashing the avocado. I waited till after a light dinner and feeding the community cats to try the cake. Eating 2 small slices made me feel satisfied and happy :)

Roasting potatoes and cauliflower

After successfully roasting yummy sweet potatoes, I decided to do the same for potatoes and cauliflower too. They ended up as late lunch for me and Sis. I had to cut, marinate and wash the dishes but I think it is worth the effort to prepare healthy tasty food.

A visitor at the park

This handsome ginger cat will visit the park occasionally and he doesn't disturb Shadow and the other roaming pet cats. He is more interested in chasing after the birds. Recently he displayed some interest in our food when we ordered him some after greeting him and stroking him. We are not sure if the aunty feeder whom we avoid due to some differences feeds him and the other female sterilised cat enough food. Anyway, when my path crosses with these 2 cats, I will do my usual hello with my hand to their nose, and stroking their head, neck etc and feeding them some kibbles.

Surprises from friends

They came in the form of a friend dropping by my workstation with tea and postcards from a friend who was in Yunnan :)

Eating healthy meals

I haven't been exercising lately, so I will try to eat more healthily by making overnight oats for breakfast and going for healthy meals at places like Real Food for lunch or dinner.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Adventures with Chinese Spinach

Mom used to cook Chinese spinach for dinners some years back. When I was young, I would equate spinach with Popeye the sailor man and that I would be strong like him after eating it too :) Earlier this week, mom had bought a big bunch of Chinese Spinach thinking that she could cook it for our dinner. It didn't happen as Mom had no mood to cook dinner and Dad bought dinner home for her and himself while I settled mine after work. When I cook a simple meal for myself, I have be in a good mood and look forward to eating what I am preparing. If Mom doesn't have appetite eating what she cook, there is no point for her to prepare and cook for us in the first place. Dad has always been an understanding partner and doesn't want to see Mom miserable. I would have dinner at Caveman Food or Real Food at Novena Square 2 before heading home. If I have time and mood, I can prepare a simple meal at home. Not wanting to let the Chinese Spinach go to waste, I attempted to stir fry it with minced pork and egg omelette on Friday night. Yesterday, I cooked it with sliced fish and dill leaves and some spinach leaves and fish were overcooked as I should have cooked the stems first before throwing in the rest. Both spinach dishes were edible with the first attempt more tasty. Mom taught me to peel the outer layer of the spinach stems so that it won't be too tough when cooked. I was surprisingly patient as I did the peeling the 2 nights. Maybe cooking my own meals has become a form of therapy :)

Mom's Saturday teabreak

Mom usually will have her tea-coffee beverage and some snacks between 1 to 2pm. Yesterday, I toasted a portobello mushroom for her and she ate that with a piece of steamed sweet potato and strawberry. Healthy and yummy!

Weekend with sweet potatoes

I wanted to finish up the remaining 2 sweet potatoes I got from Cold Storage last weekend. I steamed part of them and placed some diced pieces to cook together with Japanese rice. The porridge turned out colourful with some spring onions but its nice taste came from miso and natto not the sweet potato. Sweet potato is great simply steamed or toasted after coated with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Sweet potato fries

I love sweet potatoes. At home, mom will steam them. I have been eating the baked ones from Caveman Food, a paleo diet food stall and also more tasty wedges from Real Food at Square 2, Novena. When I saw huge sweet potatoes at Cold Storage, I got them and tried baking fries using a simple recipe. The cutting was a bit tedious, as I needed a chopper and mom's kung-fu to chop the potatoes into half before I used a knife to slice into smaller piece. I was happily eating the freshly baked fries that day and toasted leftovers the next 2 days :)