Friday, June 29, 2007

Almost lovely day

It would have been an almost lovely day if not for my on and off headache and stomach cramps. My swollen ankle is not giving me a problem as the ointment I applied last night helps to reduce the pain and swelling. But now as I'm typing this, I feel alright. The panadol I popped before I went down to feed the cats with mum didn't help much. Perhaps it's due to seeing the cats, breathing in the cool air from the drizzle plus the warm honey drink I just downed :)

Let me share with you some highlights of today:

Mango, peach and grass jelly concoction Mum made - it was yummy.

The tail of one of the mice toys came off. I only realised that when I looked at this photo after I took it. See Angel biting the red string/the tail.

Angel also seemed surprised to see the tail separated from the mouse too :)

Angel likes to climb to the top of the sofa and sleep there or even get a good view from there.

For lunch, mum cooked us udon with beancurd, egg, mushroom and fishcake. With some chilli sauce added, mum's creation was delicious.

I also checked the underside and belly of our 4 hamsters for any unusual growth. None :) Some of my hamsters in the past had tumours, so it's good to detect early and visit the vet if I spot any in the hamsters.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another eventful week

Life can go as planned and can also be unpredictable.

As planned, I met with 2 friends whom I haven't seen for quite some time. We went to one of the girls' new place to feast on Botak Jones food. For those who are not familar with Botak Jones, it's big portion of western food sold at a coffeeshop. We got ours from Clementi. We had hot dogs, fish and chips, salad and plenty of chilli fries. We talked, laughed and also admired our friend's kitchen, raindrop shower, bedroom "wardrobe" and lighting. At the moment, there is only a sofa in the living room. As she shared with us what she will be getting and doing, I can imagine how cosy and lovely her new home will be.

I was away from office this morning on an assignment with a colleague. As we were finishing, I was walking down the steps from a flat unit, missed a step and landed my left ankle and my bum. I was a bit stunned and my colleague quickly came over to help me up. When I told my friends later, they asked if anyone else. I said the aunties at the void deck of the next block may have seen. Haha. They probably think I'm a clumsy girl :) Luckily my left ankle is only slightly swollen and I can still walk quite normally.

I'll be on leave tomorrow with a plan to sterilise a cat but with my ankle like that and realising that she has a young baby, I have to postpone her sterilisation to a later date. So I shall rest at home and perhaps iron my mountain of clothes or catch up with my reading and play with my hamsters and the cats :)

This Sun I will be helping Cat Welfare Society to man their booth at this event. Do drop by if you are in the area. (click on the picture below to see an enlarged version)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Feasting and catching up

On Sat afternoon, I visited Joan's place and had fun making my own popiah, laughing how it turned out.

Joan and her parents are experts in making tight popiah that doesn't have the fillings falling out and juice dripping like mine. Each of us only managed to down 3 yummy popiahs. Uncle made refreshing lime and honey drink.

We then watched a documentary film, Born into Brothel about children of prostitutes in the slums of Calcutta. A Caucasian photography lady first got to know the prostitutes and later their children and tried to teach them photography and educate them about life. The children (mostly girls and 2 boys) are mature in their thinking and captured interesting perspectives of their life and surroundings through their film cameras. Their Auntie Zanna tried to get them out of future prostitution, drug addiction, etc by trying to find them boarding schools but it was not easy.

After the movie, Joan heated up the brownie that she made earlier in the week. It was yummy and we had it with warm chinese tea.

In between all these stuffing and catching up, Joan's dog, Harry also received some attention from me. Too bad I didn't take any photos of him.

Recycling pieces of my life

Newpapers that I have read. Old clothes I no longer want to wear. Plastic and glass containers emptied of skincare stuff I was using. I encourage my family members to contribute their stuff into this bin too.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Mummy's birthday

A good reason for me to be on leave today. A few friends asked where I would be going and I told them I'm staying at home :) Other than feeding our community cats with mum this morning and evening, I was at home with sis and mum -
playing with Angel, bathing her,

watching her play, acting like a vampire, scolding her or distracting her when she tried to bite us, checking emails,

watching my family watching draggy Taiwanese drama series,
watching Angel sleeping (the cute mushroom cushion is from sis) and

preparing Swedish meatballs (from Ikea) for dinner.

I should plan more of such "holidays" to recharge myself and spend quality time with my family and the cats :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Family's Day Out - Father's Day

I treated my family to lunch at Organic Cafe Xperience @ Velocity Novena Square. I recommended them the Boneless Chicken Set lunch ($13.90) and only dad decided to take it up and likes the chicken. I had fish and chip set lunch ($13.90) which is quite normal.

Mum tried some breadcrumb pacific white fish with organic mulberry sauce ($10.90)

- she found the sauce a bit too sweet. I thought it tasted interesting and quite nice.

Sis had this beef tenderloin spaghetti ($12.90) and it was yummy.

Mum, Dad and Sis had not been to Novena Square for a long time, so after lunch, we did some shopping there and at Square2. I couldn't resist eating Soya Ice Cream cone ($1.20) from the Mr Bean stall. It was my second time eating that and I really love the taste of soya bean ice cream.

Learning from the good and bad

The past few weeks have been unusual - mixture of good and bad. The good comes from my interaction and bonding with my family, Angel, the community cats and friends. The bad comes from the interaction with a stranger and at work.

My life can't be all merry without some incidents to remind me that I shouldn't take certain things from granted. I didn't suffer much and learn from my experience and was able to share with my family and friends about it. It makes me a stronger person too and gives me a glimpse to the dark nature of some people. In process, I also receive support and encouragement from my family and friends and I'm glad to have them :)

The former messy eater and drinker

Angel looked very funny when we first introduced her to the dry food. I grinded the Nutro kitten food as the kibbles are quite large pieces and I wasn't sure if her few teeth could handle them. Her muzzle would be coated with the crumbs and we had to clean her mouth after she was done with eating.

When we fed her with milk, she would show tantrums at times and the milk would get spilled on her neck. Now that she can manage with the dry food (the whole ungrinded kibbles), she drinks less milk. We are also more familiar with feeding her with milk.

I got a table mat from Ikea for Angel to eat her dry food and water without messing the floor. Angel seems to like the scratching pole and some toy balls. She can climb almost to the top of the pole and will play soccer with the ball on her own or with us.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Angel and Mouse

Introducing Mouse or rather Blue Mouse as there are Pink Mouse and Yellow Mouse.

Angel likes to play with one of the mouses and sometimes sleeps with it

Usual and new

A friend commented that after a while he noticed the dinner dishes prepared by my parents seem similar. I guess it's difficult for parents to come up with different items everyday and I'm generally not very fussy.

This is one of the usual dinner of egg, veg and meat and a soup.

2 Fridays ago, mum made curry pork ribs which was yummy and last night, we had cod fish.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday, June 03, 2007

White Neck putting on weight

The greedy boy somehow has won a fan who will leave a plate of wet cat food almost daily. This fan simply ignores mum's advice not to leave the plate of wet food unattended as it will attract cockroaches, ants and complaints from residents/cleaners. White Neck has also become more sedentary and hangs out in the carpark more often than the park.


or also known as Malay Cat as he belongs to a Malay family. He has been joining Fat Cat and White Neck when we feed them in the carpark. It makes us wonder if the Malay family decides not to feed him too much food since they have us to help feed him. But we can't turn our visitor away and he has also mellowed down and not disturb or attack the other 2 cats.

Fat Cat was sniffing the bum of the visitor.

Fat Cat giving my camera the evil eye

Doesn't it seem that Fat Cat was sticking his tongue out at me? Hee. But at least he didn't run away from me and my camera. That's an improvement!