Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 1 (26 Dec) in Perth

It was a good thing I had done online check-in and was there by 7.30am as I didn't realise I need a visa to Australia until the check-in counter staff asked me to go to the nearby customer service counter to get it done. I paid $70 for the visa. During the flight to Perth, I watched [500] Days of Summer. An interesting, quirky movie, not the usual love story. At Perth Airport, the customs officer also asked if I carried any mushroom, noodles, etc. (My friend and I think I must fit the profile of a Chinese single girl bringing such stuff into Perth. Hee.)

I reached Perth in the afternoon and my friend, Joan and her dad were very nice to pick me up at the airport. After resting @ their place for a while, we drove down to the beach with the 2 dogs. Despite the bright sunlight and some clingy flies, I enjoyed the cool breeze, lovely view.

We went back to their place and we had some cheese and nibbles while Joan's sis made us dinner.

The 2 dogs, Harry and Rosie, were at the patio with us too.

The steak, mashed pumpkin and potato, mushroom sauce and corn were so delicious.

I had red wine and vanilla rooibos tea. Joan had also earlier made a cherry chocolate cheesecake which was yummy too and we had the desert wine she got from Margaret River.

A moth joined us towards the end of our dinner.

This was my comfy bed in the study room.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Relaxing in Perth

Homecooked food.
Warm hospitality.
Harry and Rosie.
Sun. Sea. Park. Beach. Cool breeze.
Happy. Inspired :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

How I spent my Christmas eve and day :>

Christmas eve
I was busy clearing some work so that I could go for my short trip in Perth tomorrow. A few good friends and I went to Nutrihub Organic Fusion Cafe for healthy yummy ramen/noodles before we parted ways. Along the way we noticed a few girls wearing cute little Santa hat on their hair. My friend and I saw a man with a basket, selling them at $5 each for charity. My friend got 2 and gave 1 to me.

I was wearing it yesterday and today at home :)

I arranged the top of my cabinet for a more Christmassy look.

Mom cooked simple dinner and the colour of the dishes looked similar. Hee. They were yummy, so we didn't mind.

We fed the community cats as usual. I had a short rest at home before I met a good friend downstairs to give her a gift while she gave me this huge raisin cranberry bread. It actually tastes like a soft cookie. I broke half of it into smaller pieces while I kept the rest in the freezer.

I have 2 friends @ work who gave me some sweets/choc and home-made gingerbread couple.

Sis asked if I wanted to see her gift for me or wait till Christmas Day. I couldn't wait :) She got me this big bag with cute cat prints. I can use it to carry my stuff when I go for my Jap lessons.

I admired the other cat gifts from my friends.

Christmas Day
After feeding the cats in the morning, I decided to finish up the remaining stalks of lemongrass in the fridge and make my favorite drink. Mom helped me to smash the ginger slices, so that we could get more spicy ginger taste in the drink. It worked :)

Sis recently got herself a Lomo Holga. She took 2 photos of me with Mom and Angel separately. Look forward to see how the photos will turn out.

I also set myself an ambitious task of cooking dinner. I baked cornflake chicken and fish. Mom helped to cook the potato carrot tomato soup, using the slow cooker (I helped to cut the veggies). The broccoli dish was prepared by Mom. The food was quite a lot, so we had to keep some rice, a bit of soup and one piece of fish. Glad that everyone enjoyed the food :)

Okay, I need to sleep soon as I have a 9am flight to Perth to catch :)

Eating alfafa sprouts

I have recently discovered that alfafa sprouts, like green pepper, can make my meals interesting and healthy. I have eaten the sprouts with bread and noodles.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tom yam and curry

Recently I have been cooking tom yam soba or Koka purple wheat noodles. The other day, I used mom's leftover veggie curry and added tomatoes and soba. It's nice to enjoy cooking for myself and also eating yummy food :)

Tomyam soup with Koka purple wheat noodles and veggies, tomatoes and mushrooms

Tom yam purple wheat noodle with mushroom, veggies and mussels

Soba with Mom's leftover veggie curry

Bob back home

I have conflicting feelings for Bob at times. He is a sweet cat and makes me happy when he sleeps with me on my pillow at night, when he's happy to see me when I enter my room and wants me to kiss him, when we let him out of my room while Angel is in another room. He makes me sad when he feels frustrated cooped up in my room and he bites/nips me at my ankles or arms. He doesn't behave this way when I boarded him at my friend's place. Maybe he really hates it when he knows we are outside my room and he can't join us. We always say it's too bad he and Angel can't be together.

I'll be putting him up for adoption again at Cat Welfare Society's website and hopefully we can find a better home for him. If not, he's stuck with me.

Anyway, I always look at the bright side. Here are some nice photos I took of him :)

Lemongrass drink

I have fallen in love with lemongrass drink ever since I tried it @ Ee-Sarn Thai Restaurant @ Sixth Avenue with my friend sometime this year. I have made it a few times at home, using lemongrass stalks, pandan leaves, ginger and rock sugar. My version tastes almost as good as Ee Sarn's one.

A month ago, when I was dining @ Canton-I @ Ion with another friend, I ordered their Lemongrass Jasmine Tea. It tasted lovely too with the crushed ice and fresh lemongrass as decoration. It cost more than $8 though, as compared to Ee-Sarn ($3+ if I remember correctly) and mine (priceless for my efforts!).

As I'm on leave and at home today, I cooked Mom lunch (tom yam soba with mussel and veggies again) and made the lemongrass drink. Mom and Dad had a cup while I downed 2. Yummy!

I love sweet stuff

I seem to be getting a sweet tooth as I grow older.

I love the refreshing sweet sour taste of passion fruits. Mom and I can eat one every day if we can find them at fruit stalls and supermarkets.

I love chocolate too. Sis baked many big choc chip cookies 2 Sundays ago and I've been eating one almost everyday. Sometimes I even eat 2 at night!

Angel's hiding places

Sis likes to take photos of her darling Angel. Let me show you the nice ones :)

Some of Angel's "secret" hiding places:

On top of Dad's DVD player and in front of his 42 inch LCD TV
Even putting an orange there doesn't deter Angel from jumping onto that spot :)

On top of Sis' display cabinet next to her speakers
Such cute sleeping position.

On top of Dad's cabinet

so that when he can hear the occasional chirping of birds outside the window, he can move to behind the curtains :)