Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bob back home

I have conflicting feelings for Bob at times. He is a sweet cat and makes me happy when he sleeps with me on my pillow at night, when he's happy to see me when I enter my room and wants me to kiss him, when we let him out of my room while Angel is in another room. He makes me sad when he feels frustrated cooped up in my room and he bites/nips me at my ankles or arms. He doesn't behave this way when I boarded him at my friend's place. Maybe he really hates it when he knows we are outside my room and he can't join us. We always say it's too bad he and Angel can't be together.

I'll be putting him up for adoption again at Cat Welfare Society's website and hopefully we can find a better home for him. If not, he's stuck with me.

Anyway, I always look at the bright side. Here are some nice photos I took of him :)

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