Tuesday, December 08, 2009

White Neck, Stripe, Shadow, Cali, White Cat & Noisy

I haven't blogged about our community cats for a long time, as I don't carry the digicam when we feed the cats. I did one fine Sunday morning when I was feeding them on my own. Not all the community cats are featured here as 2 (Fat Mama, Black Mama and Three) usually appear at night, Fat Cat is camera shy, Jasper and Oreo aren't seen sometimes.

White Neck is very manja and photogenic.

Stripe is cute too. He likes to follow me and parents around sometimes and strangely Fat Cat and White Neck don't seem to like him even though he doesn't disturb them.

Shadow always hangs around in the park and poor girl is always the wettest when it rains, or she gets very scared when the crazy gardener comes every other week to overprune the bushes, chit chat with some residents and eats snake. Shadow is quite shy but warms up to us after a while.

Cali is getting fat. She will greet us with her meows and gobbled up the food quickly.

White Cat doesn't look so white with the black stains he gets from hiding under cars. His eyes look sadder and smaller ever since the eye infection the other time.

Noisy is the noisiest of all our community cats. She meows very loudly as she runs when she sees us. Her eyes looks funny in this photo :)

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