Monday, July 31, 2006

White Neck grooming

White Neck was grooming himself, oblivious to the strong wind. He got a shock from my bag which got blown off the stone chair to the ground.

Pip the sofa explorer

I took this video sometime back but realised the side bar of my blog was pushed right to the bottom. Kuro.Shiro.Neko advised me to change the width size from 425 to 400.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mum bought a few of this ham & cheese bread from some bakery @ Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. I ate a banana and an apple but still felt hungry, so a piece of this is now in my stomach. I still feel hungry! Posted by Picasa

The leaves were dancing with the strong wind blowing and White Neck was lying there watching. Posted by Picasa

The sky was really gloomy around 11plus just now. Posted by Picasa

Sis and I watched Miyazaki's animated movie "The cat returns". It's about the adventures of a schoolgirl, Haru after she saved a cat from being knocked down by a truck and the cat turned out to the Prince from the Kingdom of Cats. The very fat cat character reminds me of Fat Cat. It's a simple story and it was good entertainment for a Sat evening when there are nothing interesting showing on Channels 5 and 8. Posted by Picasa

I like the pendant (a fairy) and the top that Sis wore yesterday. So pretty! Posted by Picasa

Sis having a feast @ Sushi Tei Paragon while I only had a plate of tamago unagi sushi and tried a piece of some salmon salad cream sushi (the ones on the red plate) that Sis likes. Posted by Picasa

I was dragging my new cabin luggage (bought from John Little) around Orchard yesterday late afternoon as Sis wanted me to accompany her for her late lunch and some shopping. I was worried that my 25 inch luggage will be too big to bring around in Japan, so I decided to play safe and buy a cabin size one. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Medicine for my madness

Mum asked if the physician also prescribed medicine for my madness when she saw me taking photos of my medicine. Haha.

On the contrary, taking photos and blogging are good signs of my sanity and mental well being :)

My course of antibiotics finished on Wed but I have been still coughing with runny nose. When my colleague asked me to join her and her daughter to see a Chinese physician in Toa Payoh area, I readily agreed. It's well known that western medicine tries to cure the symptoms while TCM looks at the root problem. I had to rattle off my symptoms and discomforts by speaking in Chinese. The physician took my pulse and said I'm heaty. He wrote down my Chinese name and prescribed some medicine for me. I had to down more than 5 tablespoons of familar tasting bitter solution and 2 tablets 3 times a day. My colleague was very nice to call me just now and said she can bring me for follow up consultation if I find the medicine effective. Hope I get well soon! :) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I visited the doctor this morning as my sore throat has progress to cough and runny nose. I hope to recover soon by staying at home today. The cough mixture and flu tablets are making a little drowsy but I am wide awake enough to blog about interesting gastronomical experiences! Hee. Posted by Picasa

Forgot to mention that even though I didn't get any shoes and bags like the girls from Makota Plaza, I managed to buy some nonya foodstuff (pineapple tarts, "pigs' ears" and curry powder for mum) from this Nonya shop in Malacca that Joan and family like to visit whenever they are in Malacca. Posted by Picasa

We left Malacca before 6pm and along the highway, we found many cars whizzing past us at speeds faster than 130km/hr. We managed to find this eatery in Johor Bahru and had a feast of fried bee hoon, stir fried kailan, assam fish, mixed vegetable with beancurd and steamed squids. With full stomachs, we happily headed for Singapore. Posted by Picasa

When we were exploring the streets, we saw this hawker selling popiah and Joan bought one for us to sell. Joan saw the hawker slapped in some lard! Posted by Picasa

Joan's dad was telling me that the traditonal chendol essentially has gula melaka on top with pale green "worms" and kidney beans. This is unlike the versions we find in Singapore. Posted by Picasa

I'm not a fan of chendol but this traditional chendol looks enticing with lots of gula melaka dribbled on top. Posted by Picasa

Some antique looking items on the staircase behind where we were sitting. Posted by Picasa

See the broken bowls on the wall. Posted by Picasa

After shopping @ Makota Plaza, we went for chendol desserts @ this place @ 88 Jonkers Walk. The interior is interesting. The lights, paintings and broken ceramics bowls. Posted by Picasa

Another speciality @ the eatery is the fried dumplings. Nestled inside each dumpling is a whole prawn. Very fresh and absolutely worth my sacrifice despite me developing a cough and sore throat. I didn't try to push my luck by dipping into this nice vinegar chilli sauce. Posted by Picasa

Joan serving us the porridge from the claypot. Posted by Picasa

My bowl of porridge with century egg, chicken egg, pork slices and liver. It's really as good as Joan has described. Posted by Picasa

Yesterday Joan and her dad drove me and Pauline along the North-South highway to Malacca. We left the Tuas Checkpoint around 9.30am and with some toilet stops in between we reached this eatery (that Joan has been raving about) after noon. We were hungry and started eating some homemade yong tau hoo. Posted by Picasa

We also had 10 satays for the 3 different meats (chicken, mutton and beef). The chicken ones were the best as the meat is tender. Posted by Picasa

The fried chicken wings taste good too. Although I had a bit of sore throat, I decided to just enjoy the food and just drink more water after that. Posted by Picasa

We ordered some plain naan and garlic naan to share. Quite yummy to eat them without any curry. Posted by Picasa

On Thurs, I went to Little Bali @ Lock Road with 4 girlfriends to give Joan a belated birthday treat. A beautiful sunset scene greeted us before we stepped into Little Bali. Posted by Picasa