Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fat Mama: a week later

Lingcat and I brought Fat Mama to the vet yesterday. Her wound is healing well with the stitches. However her appetite is not very good but she looks alert. Back in the cage where she will be recuperating until she moves to a new home, it took her a while before she welcomed me to stroke her head, neck, body. It was quite sad to see her stumble sometimes as she moved from one corner of the cage or another. I'm glad that she is still quite friendly to me and has not given up.

Black Mama missing her sister, Fat Mama :(

Black Mama has been meowing and looking for Fat Mama. Both of them are very close and usually would hang around together and feed together. A resident wants to adopt both sister cats when she moves house in a month's time. I hope to see them reunited and happy in their new home.

Treats from friends

On Friday, a good friend gave me a treat at Cedele to celebrate me passing my driving test on Wed. I had mushroom spaghetti.
In the evening, I had dinner with my friends from secondary school days at Botan Japanese Restaurant at Far East Square. It was to celebrate the belated birthday of mine and another friend. Good food and good company to start the weekend :)

Peekaboo under the carpet

One of Angel'a favorite hiding places :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oreo and his namesake

The photos of Oreo the community cat are rather dark due to the lighting in the park but you can still see the cute way he will sit sometimes. Oreo the cookie is too sweet for me but it (without the cream) was a nice decadent substitute for maple syrup/honey to slightly sweeten the oatmeal I had this morning. I didn't notice the design on the Oreo cookie until I took a photo of it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fat mama with a missing leg :(

Fat Mama was missing for over a week. We didn't see her at the void deck, on top of cars, under them, etc. Initially we thought someone has brought her home as she has such an adorable face. Her black fur sister, Black Mama seemed lost without her as they usually ate together and enjoy each other's company. a feeder saw her on Wed morning with an injured dangling left hind leg. I tried to catch her that night but she ran very fast on 3 legs and went hiding from under one car to another each time I went on my knees and tried to reach out to her. On Thurs night Dad called me when he was with her in the carpark. She did struggle a little when I had to grab her scruff and gently put her into carrier.

The vet did an xray on her on Friday morning and told me her hip bone was fractured and her lower leg had already no feeling due to damaged nerve, so Fat Mama's leg had to be amputated. The vet said her injury could be due to a car accident. We visited Fat Ma yesterday afternoon. She looked alert. While I'm glad to see her wide-eyed and alert, we are sad to see her in this state. The vet assistant said that she had been fed painkiller but not eaten much and suggested that I could handfeed her some food. Although Fat mama seemed a bit grouchy, she allowed us to stroke us. She must be hungry as she tried to lick and eat the wet food from my fingers and palm. It was quite messy with bits of food dropping onto the towel, the Elizabeth collar but at least she was eating. My heart ached when she sometimes wobbled to balance herself to sit up with her remaining hind leg. She can be discharged on Mon and Lingcat will help me to look after her for the next few weeks while I find her a good home. She can't be released back to her old home with her sister. The feeder has offered to adopt her if we can't find any adopters. Now I just want to see her get well and back on her feet.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fujian cuisine

Yesterday's lunch was at Beng Thin Hoon Kee Restaurant at Toa Payoh Lorong 4 (near Toa Payoh Library) with my colleagues. We had duck honeydew salad, fish maw soup, ngoh hiang rolls, salted roast chicken, steamed fish, hokkien mee, pork belly with mantou and guilinggao dessert. I like all the dishes :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feel good meals

When I lunch out on my own, I like to sit down and enjoy my meal away from the crowd. Cedele @ United Square is one of the places I frequent. I either go for the sandwich & soup set @ $10, or, salad & soup set @ $9.50/80. Yesterday, I tried the Moroccan spiced chicken salad which cost a dollar more.

VeganBurg (located behind the bus stop opposite Eunos MRT station along Jalan Eunos) is convenient after my driving lesson in the morning and before I travel to office. Just now I had the orange marmalade burger again and made it a set with seaweed fries and apple & currant juice. The set cost $12.85. I like the burger more than the fries and juice. There was a black cat with left tipped ear outside the restaurant. I couldn't resist stroking his head and neck before I left :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Green capsicum

Don't give me any other colours. I just like green capsicum as I find the taste of the other colours strange and sweet whether eaten raw or cooked. If there is a green capsicum sitting in the fridge, I like to stuff thin slices of it into my bread :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Collection of cat stuff

I have a collection of cat figurines, pictures, etc that my friends gave me or I got them myself. Earlier today, a friend gave me a batik painting of 2 cats with the frame he made. I used one of my ribbons to hang it on the curtain railing in my room. Nice :) It reminds me of the batik cloth I got from Hua Hin some years ago during a worktrip. When I took it out to admire, Bob was checking it out too :)

Crazy about coriander

My breakfast today was a walnut bun stuffed with coriander :)

Lunching in

I like to lunch out and spent an hour or so away from the office. But when I have backlog of work like yesterday, I will buy from the office canteen. Yesterday, I used the container that parents got for me to take away the food from the economical rice stall. The stall assistant was quite amused by the cute container. Lunch was quite yummy and I managed to clear some work.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Warm up before swimming

Yesterday evening, my friend and I took a 15min bus journey from our workplace and another 10min walk to the swimming pool. We saw this lovely sight along the way.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

ともだち friends

It's nice to catch up with the girls over lunch last Saturday. We have known one another from our volunteer work and have kept in touch even after we left the committee 3-4 years ago. Facebook, blogs, twitter and emails are also useful ways to know what are going on in their lives.

I'm also glad to have found the good friends from my secondary school, university and work. We are busy with work and other commitments, but we try to meet or occasionally SMS to check on one another. Sharing similar interests and/or values has helped us to bond and over the years, we still cherish the friendship.

野良猫のふくしのボランティアの仕事のとき、友達ができました。 先週の土曜日にこの友達と昼ご飯を食べました。会ってうれしい。


Thursday, July 07, 2011

New ginger cat

He has been bullying Fat Cat and Tombok. He growls at them and chases them away. But he's friendly to us and the kids who aren't afraid to stroke him. 2 residents even saw him resting near Cheers convenience store, enjoying the air con. I suspect he may be an abandoned home cat. I was glad to see him lying at one corner of my block's void deck. We quickly fed him before getting him into the carrier. Hopefully when he's back on Sat, he will no longer be a bully.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Responsible Pet Ownership Art Competition 2011

Check out the details on AVA website if you are interested.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Cooking lunch for myself & Sis

Last Sun, we had soba with egg toufu
Today we had cous cous with fish slices, zucchini and feta cheese.

Museum visits

The fun outing with the girls was more than dim sum lunch last Sat. We visited the Peranakan Museum and spent 2 hours there.

I don't remember liking my school excursions to museums much, but ever since I started working, museums with their interesting, colourful and interactive exhibits, are cool places to hang out.

Besides these photos, I have these activity sheets with the embossed images as souvenirs :)