Monday, February 15, 2010

Yummy brown rice porridge

After all the baking, I didn't feel like making shepherd's pie for lunch today. When Mom suggested cooking brown rice porridge, I was all for it. We put in lots of veggies and Mom wanted sausages, mushroom balls too.

Lunch was a wholesome meal and we had it with some nuts :)

Vegan cake

I tried this recipe for vegan chocolate cake and tweaked it as I had only a bit of cocoa powder left and mix with instant coffee powder. Mom said Dad likes coffee cake. This cake uses canola oil and white vinegar instead of butter and eggs.

I could only smell coffee when the cake was almost done. It didn't have the usual aroma of butter cakes. The cake texture is also softer, when I ate the cake yesterday, it really tasted healthy. Dad tried a bit and said he didn't know what he was eating. Sis said the cake wasn't sweet enough and she won't eat it again. This morning, Mom ate a piece and said it was not bad. I tried it too and it actually tasted much better. I could taste some sweetness and it helps that I have sprinkled lots of chocolate chips and macadamia nuts on top, so I'll be bringing some for my aunties, uncle and cousins to try later :)

Little Tigers @ home

Since it's the start of the Year of the Tiger, I mustn't forget our little Tigers, Angel and Bob.

Sis took some photos of Angel who looked disinterested.

Mom said Bob looks more like a tiger. Sis thinks he looks weird here. I think he's cute :)

He wanted my attention when I was using the PC just now.

Dressing up

Other than wedding dinners and when I'm in the mood, Chinese New Year is another occasion that I will bother to dress up and put on some makeup.

Sis took some photos of me doing so over the weekend :)

Putting on my lip gloss in the car and using the back of my handphone to see my reflection.

Lining my eyes

Rummaging through my pouch containing my creams and makeup stuff. I was in that awkward position as I was half blind and using the toilet seat cover to put my stuff.

I enjoy trying organic makeup. I have been using 100% pure lip gloss which smells fruity and recently I got Sante eyeliner to try. I feel more comfortable too using make-up with no/minimal chemicals, since I have been using organic/natural skin and hair care products for the past few years.

Chinese Reunion Dinner 2010

On Sat (Chinese New Year eve), my family and I had an early reunion dinner with our aunty, uncle and cousins @ Soup Restaurant @ City Square Mall @ 5.15pm. As usual, the first dish was the Yusheng. After the server said all the auspicious words and poured in the sauces, seasoning, etc, we tossed everything before tucking in.

The other dishes included the popular Samsui chicken and this time they included mayonnaise prawn, jellyfish and pork rib. The chicken with garlic sauce still tastes the best.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baking pizza

I took leave yesterday to help mom to clean the house. I wanted to try making some pizza for our lunch. It was quite simple to do, based on this recipe, but the taste of the pizza is more like a pizza bread, rather than the aromatic thin pizza from Spizza and Timbre. I must try to find that recipe!

Anyway for my first time, I think it was quite a good attempt. Dad ate up 2 small ones. Sis ate the one I made for her without any veggie. Mom only had it this morning and it didn't taste as good as yesterday.

Beautifying my bag

My friend has made Happy Daisies for me and her other friends and surprised us by mailing them to us.

After trying the flower on my hair, my blouse and my bag, I decided that it looks best on my black bag :)

My "new" bags and wallet

Sis was going through her collection of bags and there were some that she decided to throw (as they were flaking) or give away to Salvation Army. I saw a few that she didn't intend to keep and I want them!

They are inexpensive bags but I like their design:

The bag is from this brand, Yin and Yang. I like its striking colours and it looks a bit retro.

Sis bought it from H&M store in Ginza last year. I was eyeing it too but since she bought it, I decided not to buy. How can I let it go when she doesn't want it anymore?

Sis got this Ripcurl from Australia a few years ago. I like the silvery pink colour.

I'm so happy to own these 3 bags. They are still in good condition. I'm just waiting to wear the clothes with the right colours to match with the bags.

My "new" wallet is this Mango wallet that Sis wanted to give away as the button stud on the left side is not working well. She also has other wallets. The black markings from the shape of the buttons look like nipples. Hee. I have been happily using the wallet everyday. It has enough space and compartments to hold all my cards, money, coins and house keys :) Too bad Sis is a size smaller than me or I could have taken over some of her clothes that she had packed yesterday for Salvation Army.