Monday, February 15, 2010

Dressing up

Other than wedding dinners and when I'm in the mood, Chinese New Year is another occasion that I will bother to dress up and put on some makeup.

Sis took some photos of me doing so over the weekend :)

Putting on my lip gloss in the car and using the back of my handphone to see my reflection.

Lining my eyes

Rummaging through my pouch containing my creams and makeup stuff. I was in that awkward position as I was half blind and using the toilet seat cover to put my stuff.

I enjoy trying organic makeup. I have been using 100% pure lip gloss which smells fruity and recently I got Sante eyeliner to try. I feel more comfortable too using make-up with no/minimal chemicals, since I have been using organic/natural skin and hair care products for the past few years.

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sweeteepye said...

reminds me of percy jackson. boy, that movie has a lot of apple placements.