Saturday, December 24, 2016

My furry babies

It has been almost a year that Sister, Angel and Cinnamon have moved out. Things are better for everyone's mental health, as the cats have their own space and Mom is less stressed. Bob sleeps anywhere but his previous prison cell (i.e. my bedroom). Angel has a lovely coat of fur with no bald patches and sleeps in the workroom or Sis' bedroom. He has become very affectionate - he will make a cute sound before rubbing his body against my legs and enjoy me combing his fur or stroking his head and back for a longer time before he stops the session by chewing my fingers :) Cinnamon loves Sis and likes parents and me to give her attention when we visit. I am glad that our pet cats and my family are happier this year.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

My shoes collection

I have tried buying shoes in the $20-30 range in the past, but they didn't last long. I then decided to bought from brands like Clarke and Ecco and my current Clark shoes (resoled with natural latex) and red Ecco sandals are still in good condition. I even got a pair of men's brogue shoes from Skechers when I had to travel to cold Tokyo last Jan. I wore then recently to office and a male colleague commented about them looking heavy and he seemed shocked when I told him they are men's shoes. Hee. 

Since last year, I have been more adventurous in buying shoes online from Beyond Skin (peach colour shoes and black sandals with old Camper sandal straps recently sewn on), Luludu crotchet shoes (which are very comfy and provide barefoot walking experience), SoleRebels shoes (almost black shoes with V-design tips, ethically made in Ethiopia with soles from car tyres) and The Root Connective shoes (in cranberry red, ethically made in Guatemala). The customer service staff or founders of these shoes companies were friendly and helpful when I emailed them to return and exchange for the right sizes of a few pairs of the shoes. Even though it was a hassle to go to the post office, luckily the experiences were pleasant. Happy with my current collection of shoes :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

38 years old

As I turned 38 last night, I am glad that mom has been responding well to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Cloud has been back home and his neck wound is healed. Sis is quite happy in her new home with Angel and Cinnamon. I am fortunate to be surrounded by good friends and loved ones. The past year has been stressful at times but it also made me more aware what I can do and the person I have become. Time feels even more precious than before and I try to do the important tasks as well as what I want to do - I feel a sense of accomplishment even if it is just some household chore or cooking a dish for dinner :) Life isn't too bad.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Ah Mei has moved out

My younger sister aka Ah Mei bought her own resale flat in Aug last year before we found out about mom's cancer. She had thought about getting her own place and recent events like the toil of separating the 3 cats and the desire of having her personal space spurred her into action. 

It has been a month since Ah Mei and Angel shifted into her new home. Cinnamon joined them a week later while Bob has returned home with us. I do miss the late night face to face chat with Ah Mei and having the other kitties around. Thankfully with WhatsApp and her staying 5mins walk away, I could still chat with her easily and visit her and the kitties almost every night. She comes home for dinner on Saturday/Sunday and parents will buy things or food to pass to her. Cinnamon loves her new home, while Angel has confined himself to Ah Mei's bedroom and he is happiest when she can rest on the bed with him.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

The Graveyard Book & Anansi Boys

The past week, I let my mind be entertained by these 2 interesting books by Neil Gaiman. I enjoy the Graveyard Book on how the occupants of the Graveyard protected and cared for the baby, the adventures and reality when Nobody Owens or Bod learned more about the world beyond the Graveyard. It is my second attempt to read the Anansi Boys. I remember I couldn't get past the first chapter and gave up. I'm glad I decided to give it another shot. I love how Fat Charlie and Spider grew in character after going through betrayal, suffering, and finding love. The details, emotions and words are amazing. They have made me cry and smile :)

Monday, December 28, 2015

Neil Gaiman's M is for Magic

I enjoy reading this book. I like the short stories for their quirkiness, simplicity, the interesting characters. I read this over the past few weeks, picking it up on bus and train rides. I teared a bit while reading "Troll bridge" about a man who decided to switch place with a troll and "The Price" about a brave cat protecting his human family. I can't wait to read more about Bod in Neil Gaiman's other book, The Graveyard Book.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

First visit to Great Wall of China

During a recent work trip to Beijing in early December, we did a short walk at part of Great Wall of China. My face, hands and feet were freezing cold when it was windy, even though I was wearing a thick beanie, down jacket, thermal layer, socks and gloves. I felt like an old lady as I slowly climbed up and down the flights of steps at the less challenging stretch of the Great Wall. It was a nice experience to share with my other 3 colleagues being my first time there. I'm not sure when I will next visit it again.

Angel the only cat at home

Angel seems quite relaxed and happy without Bob and Cinnamon around, as he could move freely around the house, rest and sleep anywhere he wants.

Bob and Cinnamon at Kittycare Haven

Bob and Cinnamon have been at Kittycare Haven at Lim Chu Kang for 2 months. Sia Ping and Binti keep their room clean and the 2 cats are eating well. Sis and I have been driving down every Sunday to spend at least an hour with them. I will bring along wet tissues to clean them and also comb their fur. Bob will happily let me hug him, while Cinnamon will purr noisily as I comb her fur. Hopefully by early February next year, Bob can return home while Cinnamon will join Angel at Sis' new home.