Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bob and the mozzie swat

I spotted Bob in this cute pose and quickly whipped out my iPhone :) I will ask mom why the swat is in room. Is Bob sometimes the naughty mozzie? Hee.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Subway's egg mayo sandwich. Teh c kosong

Those were my lunch today. 
I think this is my 1st time trying the egg mayo as I usually go for the others. It was quite yummy as I like eggs. If any of you are clueless about my drink, Teh C kosong is tea with evaporated milk and no sugar. S had his usual kopi (coffee) but I got him the siew dai (less sugar) version, as some servers tend to add too much sugar.

I must bake!

I missed baking so much that after my medical appointment yesterday, I hopped over to the supermarket to buy blueberries and chocolate chips. I had been itching to try this yogurt butter cupcake recipe and yesterday there was a small window period of 2 hours for me to do so. 

It was quite easy to prepare but after 30 minutes, the cupcakes looked nowhere golden brown. I let them bake for another 15 mins before I confirmed with the skewer they were ready.

I was a little disappointed with my first taste of the cupcake an hour later as it was a bit dry. Otherwise, it resembles a slightly buttery sponge cake. Mom asked me to give them away and sis refused to try due to the presence of yogurt :( Dad ate 1 for breakfast this morning (and I only found out just now that he thinks it is not bad :)) I had 1 this morning and felt a bit hopeful as it tasted less dry. The remaining cupcakes accompanied me to office and I'm happy that my food tasters like them :)

[The 1st photo was taken using the iPhone while the others the Olympus Pen.]

Happy meals @ home

I enjoy having meals with family @ home. By the time I get home around 7.30pm after work, parents have to keep the food aside for me. They will have finished dinner by 6pm to get ready to feed the community cats.
Yesterday, I could have piping hot dinner with parents. Mom steamed fish with salted egg, tomato and ginger and stir-fried broccoli with fish cake and fungus. I like the brown rice too :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

No longer irritated with myself

The doctor didn't detect anything too, but I will have another appointment 4 months later, before they close my case.

I was irritated with myself this morning as I only realised I misplaced the polyclinic letter on the way to work. I rushed to the polyclinic from office and luckily it wasn't a long wait for the letter to be reprinted. I went home to check office emails and managed to see Mom, Angel, Bob and S too, before my appointment @ 2.15pm.

I feel a little light hearted now, sitting in the shuttle bus :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fish. Dashi Mirin soup. Brown rice noodle

I was hungry and cooked this for my lunch.

Angel safe on top of the fridge

Angel hissed, stretched, closed his eyes during the time when Bob was out. We hope he will not be freaked out when we try again tonight.

Bob staring up at Angel

Bob looked quite cute with the harness. When he stared at Angel quite intently, sis and I would be on high alert in case he decided to jump on top of the fridge again. We weren't sure if we want them to fight it out but in the end the fight didn't happen. We put Bob back into my room at 1.45pm as we didn't want to stress Angel too much.

1st attempt to reintroduce Angel & Bob

We let Bob out this morning around 11.45am after spraying the whole house with Feliway and putting Bob on harness. We think Angel being on top of the fridge gave him an advantage. Bob didn't know where Angel was initially and was exploring the other rooms. When Bob spotted Angel, he couldn't have a good view of Angel. After much "thinking", he tried to jump on top of the fridge, he couldn't get a good grip, was a little stunned by Angel's growl/hiss. I was holding onto his harness when Bob jumped and then fell. Bob moved away from the fridge and would lie on his side to look at Angel. Then he walked away to explore the other rooms.

We saw it as a good sign that Bob didn't seem intent to fight with Angel. Angel also didn't freak out. We shall try again tonight and hopefully one day, they can tolerate each other without us having to separate them. But we also don't dare to have too high hope.

Wholemeal loaf. cheese spread. wheatgerm. coriander

My breakfast this morning.

Warm up Part 3: Bob and AVA pets

Bob actually tried to bite the AVA cat's tail and use his paw to squash it. I had to rescue the "cat" before it got shredded into pieces!

Warm up Part 2: Angel and AVA pets

The lighting is not very good at night and it will be better to take the photos using my Olympus Pen instead of iPhone. But these photos are meant to be a warm up, to inspire myself and any of you to think of a photo to submit for the AVA Pet Snap! Photo contest :) Angel didn't seem to bothered by the AVA pets and just continued napping and resting.

Warm-up Part 1: AVA Pet Snap! Photo contest

I've picked up the kit for the AVA Photo contest during the AVA roadshow last Sat and last night did the paper craft for the pet dog and cat last night. Aren't they cute? If you are interested in joining the contest, you can pick the kit from the libraries and submit your photos by 5 Dec.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lotte Pepero almond

One of my favorite snacks when I'm feeling peckish. The biscuit stick is like Pocky, covered with chocolate and almond. I'm drinking water mixed with some concentrated brown rice vinegar which smells funky and tastes sourish.

Mom's yummy chicken wing veggie curry

I had it for breakfast this morning :)

Dream a little dream of me

One of my favorites when I sang karaoke eons ago. I don't know who the original singer but the cover done by the character Artie in Glee is quite nice.

There is also a jazzy version by Diana Krall.

Cats & music: Tissue paper holder

A lovely souvenir from a friend who visited Japan recently and likes animals too :)

king of wishful thinking

I like to sing along when I hear this on the radio. It's kind of chirpy even though it's supposed to be sad. But after looking at the MTV, it just seems to be a fun song. I didn't know that the song was featured in the movie Pretty Woman.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bored @ work 仕事がつまらない

What I do during lunch time and after work are more interesting :) again at this time of the year, I'll ask if it is time for me to exit. But I'm still clueless what I want to do.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dragonfly wings

Sis has noticed the dragonfly corpse near her office for the past 2 days and only mustered the courage to ask her colleague to help her cut the wings off the body. When I asked her if I can take a look at the body too when she reached home, she said her colleague accidentally cut off the head and threw away the body and head. I remember when we were young, mom taught us how to hold the dragonfly's wings gently to take a closer look before releasing it. Nowadays we seldom get to see the beautiful dragonflies flying around. If sis is successful, she may get a nice imprint of the wings on her silver jewelry.

My new pair of white shoes

I got them at a bargain during lunch time today. @ $19! The original price was more than $100 and the only available size is US9. Although the left shoe is a little bigger than my foot, they fit my feet quite well. After walking around the shop @ Velocity Novena in them for a few minutes, I decided to buy them. Even the cashier was surprised at the discounted price. I'll find an auspicious day to start wearing them :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The polyclinic experience

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It took me about 2 hours to see the doctor. I entertained myself by occasionally glancing at the local Chinese drama on the TV box, shopping online and trying to absorb some grammar and vocabulary from my old Japanese notes.

A little boy walked in front of me to offer me his plastic bag and Ribena pastille sweet. I just smiled and shook my head. After a while, he offered me a magazine which I also gently refused and gestured that he could return it to the rack. Strangely, he did as I told him. 15 minutes later, an Indian middle age lady showed me a magazine and pointed to a photo and said "baby". I smiled @ her too before she had to follow her minder into the consultation room. When it was my turn, the female doctor who looked my age or younger seemed quite competent. She didn't detect anything suspicious that the GP highlighted to me during a recent health screening. However, she will refer me to a specialist just to follow up.

My visit to the polyclinic came about as F thinks it's ridiculous for me to cough out $1,000 for a scan at a private hospital. She suggested that I get a second opinion and maybe a referral if the doctor thinks it's necessary. I'm glad I heed her advice :)

The wait @ the polyclinic

I managed to reach the polyclinic around 1.30pm after a quick filling lunch. Now I have to wait for my queue number to be called.

I've not seen a doctor @ the polyclinic since I was a toddler, I think. The visits to this place have been to accompany my mom for her medical appointments. I have my iPhone and Japanese notes to keep me company. But I'm already feeling a bit sleepy sitting under the cool ceiling fan :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodbye, Three? :(

Three has been missing for the past few days ever since a heavy downpour on Fri afternoon. She usually hides in the drain in the park, but she will appear rain or shine, day or night. I miss her running and weaving between my legs, trying to bite my hand when I try touching her, rubbing herself against my legs when I squat, rolling around on her back when she's relaxing.

She's the only community cat we can't touch like the others but we love her because she's part of the family.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bob my "worker"

Bob is a busybody and likes to prop himself right in front of my office laptop. He's too big to support my wrist but comfortable enough for me to rest my chin on him. Hee :)

Bob the distraction

I just could not stop taking photos of cute Bob, instead of focusing on completing my work :)

Couscous. Dashi noodle soup. Ice cream sandwich

Sis was very nice to include my share when she made fish zucchini couscous for her lunch. She wasn't interested in my plain veggie noodle dashi soup with egg, so she had milo ice cream sandwich for dinner instead.