Sunday, November 20, 2011

1st attempt to reintroduce Angel & Bob

We let Bob out this morning around 11.45am after spraying the whole house with Feliway and putting Bob on harness. We think Angel being on top of the fridge gave him an advantage. Bob didn't know where Angel was initially and was exploring the other rooms. When Bob spotted Angel, he couldn't have a good view of Angel. After much "thinking", he tried to jump on top of the fridge, he couldn't get a good grip, was a little stunned by Angel's growl/hiss. I was holding onto his harness when Bob jumped and then fell. Bob moved away from the fridge and would lie on his side to look at Angel. Then he walked away to explore the other rooms.

We saw it as a good sign that Bob didn't seem intent to fight with Angel. Angel also didn't freak out. We shall try again tonight and hopefully one day, they can tolerate each other without us having to separate them. But we also don't dare to have too high hope.


Melissa Lim said...

Oh you must try the Feliway diffuser - the spray is meant more for stopping kitties from peeing where they shouldn't ^ _ ^ All the best! I know how tough it is 'cos my kitties were the same! (They still are but things are less stressful nowadays...)

sp said...

wow, bob looks quite big from the back there on top photo!