Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I must bake!

I missed baking so much that after my medical appointment yesterday, I hopped over to the supermarket to buy blueberries and chocolate chips. I had been itching to try this yogurt butter cupcake recipe and yesterday there was a small window period of 2 hours for me to do so. 

It was quite easy to prepare but after 30 minutes, the cupcakes looked nowhere golden brown. I let them bake for another 15 mins before I confirmed with the skewer they were ready.

I was a little disappointed with my first taste of the cupcake an hour later as it was a bit dry. Otherwise, it resembles a slightly buttery sponge cake. Mom asked me to give them away and sis refused to try due to the presence of yogurt :( Dad ate 1 for breakfast this morning (and I only found out just now that he thinks it is not bad :)) I had 1 this morning and felt a bit hopeful as it tasted less dry. The remaining cupcakes accompanied me to office and I'm happy that my food tasters like them :)

[The 1st photo was taken using the iPhone while the others the Olympus Pen.]

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sp said...

can see the olympus pen has more depth of focus, but then the iphone is convenient!