Sunday, November 13, 2011

Prep talk and positive thinking

I couldn't sleep soundly last night. @ 1.30am, I was thinking about mom's remark and how stressful she has been every night Angel starts to protest 15mins after we put him in Sis' room and let Bob out. I will try to get Bob in calmly even though I feel a bit sad at times that this arrangement isn't making both Bob and Angel happy. When Mom gets frustrated that things don't go smoothly, I can only give her a bit of prep talk which doesn't seem to help. She feels better, expressing her frustration in words but I don't feel good hearing them. I can't tell her to shut up, as it's probably an outlet for her to destress.

Last night, it really got into me that I had to think about it and cry a little about it. Such issues can only be resolved on my own, as right now there is no solution to improve the situation for Angel and Bob. Emotionally and mentally, I must be strong and believe that this is the best we can offer and the 2 cats are still quite happy most of the time. And for mom, I will still give her support which means being home most evenings to manage this arrangement.

I feel alright now after a bit more tearing and giving myself prep talk in my mind :) I told myself I have the choice to adopt mom's approach or continue to be positive. I choose the latter :)


Melissa Lim said...

{{{ HUGS }}} I can empathise - especially since I have so many cats at home.

Have you tried using the Feliway diffuser? It's kinda eased things in my feline household for me... less aggression, less stress.

coboypb said...

Hi Melissa. Thanks for dropping a note. We have tried Feliway which doesn't seem to work.

Melissa Lim said...

That's a real shame. It seemed to work for me - well, somewhat... I also tried Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets (which you can order from Zeus Communications) as well as Spirit Essences (see - specifically the Peacemaker and Safe Space for Cats one. All these seemed to work at the cats' most aggressive and unhappy stages... And then I used Feliway after things kinda tided down. You might want to give them a shot!

Anonymous said...

i remembered a bunch of people giving you many advice about bob and angel but you ignored all.