Sunday, April 11, 2010

Angel behind the curtains

The curtains are one of Angel's favorite hiding places.

I like how he stuck out his paw :)

My room-mate and my pillow

My room-mate will just happily sleep on my pillow without leaving a space for my head. I'll then try to find a space in between his legs against his tummy :)

Talented singer: Inch Chua

After reading about her in today's Straits Times, I visited Youtube to listen to her works. I'm impressed. Here's one of her music videos.

Good Friday weekend and Sis' Birthday

Sis' birthday fell on Good Friday this year. I suggested that we and mom had lunch @ Japanese Dining Sun @ Chijmes.

Angel was lounging on top of the dining table when we were getting ready to leave the house. Mom always said Angel looks kind of sad like he knows we won't be home to be with him.

Dad had to work but he was very sweet to pick us up in his cab. Sis took a photo of him on her Holga :) Our birthday girl was wearing a lovely dress bought from Trove Shop @ Esplanade.

Lovely blue sky and fluffy clouds over @ Chijmes.

Our feast. We were very disciplined and ordered a tofu cheese cake to share :)

After a satisfying lunch, we took the MRT to Bugis and walked to Haji Lane. There are a few interesting shops - Sis and I bought some clothes and accessories :) One of the shops, Dulcetfig has 3 resident ginger cats. We also met a stray cat outside another shop.

Dad met us after his work for dinner @ Army Market.

On Sun, I planned a lunch for all of us @ Imperial Treasures @ ION Orchard. Dad wasn't working and could join us. He doesn't really fancy Jap food too. He had beef and fish slice porridge and all of us shared roast pork (which Mom did like and complained of strong porky smell), chee cheong fun (that came with yummy peanut sauce). Sis had one with roast duck meat tucked inside the rice rolls. A nice plate of fresh Hong Kong kailan. Xiao long bao. The last order was siew mai and I butchered it into smaller pieces and ate with chillies.

After lunch, sis and I brought Mom to Mandarin Gallery, 313 Somerset and Orchard Central. We had some teacakes and teh-si @ Toast Box @ the food court of 313 Somerset, so I only had space for a small bowl of melon soup @ Far East Plaza for dinner after all the good food. I think it was an enjoyable weekend for us :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lemongrass - my favorite homemade drink

The ingredients: pandang leaves, lemongrass, ginger, water and rock sugar

I tried to present the drink in an aesthetic manner with the lemongrass :)
But it doesn't really matter when it was just me drinking it.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Feeling sick and well

I felt a bit nauseous while having lunch today. Coupled with a headache, I was a bit worried if I could take good notes for a meeting at 4pm. After visiting the toilet (not to puke fortunately) and laughing about work with my 2 colleagues, I felt better. I even enjoyed the 4pm meeting as my boss and the visitor know each other and it was a light-hearted discussion. I don't look forward to writing the minutes tomorrow morning, but I feel good that I don't feel sick anymore. Maybe it's just the weather - freezing in the office and heatwave when I had to go down to Golden Landmark hotel to send some materials to a visitor. Maybe I haven't been getting enough sleep. Whatever it is, I'm glad I can write this, think clearly and enjoy the rest of the day :)