Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Angel, Sister's cutie pie

Sis captured these cute photos of Angel under the carpet in parents' room :)

Egg noodle with luncheon meat

Doesn't this look like something from Hong Kong cafe (茶餐厅)? S offered to cook another portion for me since he was cooking this for his dinner. I like homecooked meals so I was satisfied with it but S thinks he could have done better for the seasoning :)

Unsuccessful nutella cinnamon rolls

They are crispy instead of soft. Mom said they are biscuits while sis thinks they are more like scones. Haha. They are miniatures too - each of diameter of an inch or 2. Oh well, not bad for my first attempt right? :P

The tongue

While feeding the cats this morning, I managed to see this unsterilised male cat. He's less wary of us after we feed him a few times. I'll try to trap him for sterilisation one of these days. Jasper was at her usual place and as she ate, I noticed her cute big tongue :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Healthy Korean veggie bento

I had this for lunch today @ $6.60 from the supermarket @ Isetan Scotts. I finished every bit of it, as I was hungry and it was quite yummy with savoury green veg and beansprouts, sour pickles and spicy unknown. I thought the brown rice would be too much but it went well with the veggies. However, 5 hours later, I'm famished!

Toys for baking

I may play with them tomorrow if I have the time and mood to try my hands at baking cinnamon/nutella buns. I still haven't packed my luggage for my Bangkok trip!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bob teared

Me too :(

Bob the tissue shredder

is taking a break :) so cute! The tissues are actually Angel's toys as Angel likes mom to throw them in the air for him to catch.

Egg tofu with soba and otak fish cake

The egg tofu was significantly more than the soba. That was for lunch just now. The otak fish cake added a bit of spice.

Chin rubs for Bob

Cats enjoy chin rubs and Bob is no exception :)

Bob's adoring eyes

Bob always gives me the look of adoration and he will follow me around the house or if he's resting, his eyes often follow my movements. He seems to behave more like a dog than a cat and his personality was what compelled mom and me to bring him home. It's also for the same reason I have to send him away for boarding when I have to travel overseas as he likes human attention especially mine. He will make a ruckus in my room when he is alone and it will be worse at night.

I don't want to feel too guilty about him having to suffer a bit without my company for 2 weeks or more. Mom can take a break from having to put Bob out and Angel in. Angel can also relax while Bob is away. There's no perfect solution and we have to live with our choices, but I'm definitely keeping Bob :)

Pretty hibiscus

The flowers are in full bloom and are lucky to be spared by the crazy gardener.

The head warmer with teeth & claws

It was nice to wake up with Bob sleeping and wrapped around my head on this cool morning. Sometimes at certain angle, I may feel a bit of his claws or when he wants to wake me up, he will bite. He can be sweet and licks my face too :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bob under cushions and pillows

Tonight is the last night before Bob will be boarded at Lingcat's cattery tomorrow afternoon. He seemed to enjoy burrowing under the cushions and pillows on the sofa.

Dinner after a long day @ work

I have been awake since 5am, reported for work at 6.30am and knocked off at 8.15pm. Long day means lots of food required to keep me going :) I had (1) a substantial breakfast of chocolate chip cookie, 2 slices of multigrain bread and a passion fruit, (2) a piece of super sweet fruit cake and Milo, (3) lunch - economy rice with veggie, toufu and fried fish, (4) a muesli bar and a lemon barley soft drink. (5) For dinner back home, had to make myself a simple omelette and make a sandwich with wheatgerm and cucumber. I also ate the panda cake mom got for me :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Porridge and mantou

I love home-cooked porridge and I'm happy that mom has cooked some pork fish porridge for my lunch before I head off for the work assignment. I added a bit of the silver fish which is very salty on its own. She steamed some mantou which I will have 1 as the porridge is not very filling :)

Dinner @ PS Cafe Paragon

Tonight I had a good catch up with Joan, a good friend now based in Perth and back in Singapore for a visit this week. We had lots to share about our life, work, family, etc. @ PS cafe, we shared Caesar salad and Lobster tuna ink squid pasta. After a toilet break, we headed to Marriot Hotel cafe for tea and ice cream before heading home.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The notty boy who poop outside his toilet

No lights and flash were used to ensure the subject maintained his cute posture :)

Angel's poo Eau de toilette

Last night I didn't think much of it when I smelled the lingering stench before I went to bed. Angel pooped in his toilet tray in sis' room not too long ago. However at 6.15am when I woke up, I smelled it together with the vanilla room spray. Something was not right. Sis said she noticed the stench too but was too tired and just slept. I looked under her bed and saw a small piece of poo. No wonder! Haha. I helped to clean it up while sis showered to get ready for work. (the source of the stench was wrapped up in the newspaper and placed at its original position for the photo shoot :) )

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bob sleeping on the piano chair

The piano chair is put into good use since I play the piano once in a blue moon :) Bob sleeps there sometimes when I'm not sleeping on the bed.