Sunday, October 29, 2006

Zap has left us this afternoon. I wasn't at home when Sis found her lying on her side, hardened. At least she was still very active and had a hearty appetite. We miss you, Zap. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another delicious dinner prepared by Mum and Dad. Beancurd, hairy gourd with pork and fishball soup and mackerels. I was happily eating the food and kept telling Mum and Dad that the food is really yummy! :) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mum and Dad prepared this delicious fried rice for dinner today. Chockful of ingredients - unpolished rice with ham, lettuce, chestnut, mushroom, crabstick, egg and sambal chilli. I feel hungry just looking @ it. Posted by Picasa

I ordered the sashimi (top left) and oden (top right) set. Sun with Moon lunch sets are really value for money. Posted by Picasa

BB and I went to Sun with Moon @ Wheelock Place for the yummy lunch sets. This time round, we tried different sets. This was what BB ordered. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The last meat dish is chicken tajin. Carrots and chicken cooked using olive oil. Compared to the other 2 dishes, it's consider mild in taste but I love it all the same. After eating all the meats, I hopped down to the gym to work out for an hour before going home. Posted by Picasa

The mixed kebab of grilled chicken and beef is very delicious too. Posted by Picasa

We ate with nice bread that has been warmed. Posted by Picasa

Another recommended dish. Beef Tajin. Yummy tender beef chunks with peas. Posted by Picasa

@ the restaurant owner's recommendation, we tried moroccan mint tea. It's very refreshing. @ 4 to 5pm, it was really warm to do alfresco dining but it was nice to catch up with friends over good food, so we bear with the heat. Posted by Picasa

We also went down to Haji Lane, Arab St and Bussorah St. All the walking made us hungry and we settled down @ this Deli Moroccan Restaurant. FR has eyed this place previously and we decided to be game and try the food. The owner was also friendly. Posted by Picasa

The 2 babes walking ahead. The garden with the bridge and winding staircase is empty other than us 3 girls. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful overhanging flowers. Posted by Picasa

Tucked in one corner of Ann Siang Hill is this lovely garden. What a find! Posted by Picasa

The gates of Front Row are nice too. We girls are going to visit this shop and may even rest and relax at its cafe to sip tea and nibble on dessert/food :) Posted by Picasa

We could only peep through the shop windows of Front Row at Ann Siang Hill. These boxes/containers of tea look lovely. Posted by Picasa

FR brought us to Ann Siang Hill where I often read about nice shops selling clothes and stuff. However, most of the interesting shops are closed on Sundays. Posted by Picasa

These are cute too! Posted by Picasa

More cute graffiti on the wall. There are also some evil looking ones that I didn't dare to take photos of. Posted by Picasa

This afternoon, Flying Raisin (FR), JerL and I visited the Red Dot Museum near MND building as we wanted to check out MAAD ( The toilet sign is very cute - a cartoon of a dog peeing. Posted by Picasa

Sis got this Stikfas free and this morning, Dad was playing around with it :) Posted by Picasa

I wanted to order some water cress honey drink but somehow the waitress (in her Hong Kong Cantonese that I couldn't quite understand) recommended the iced honey lemon. It's efreshing. I use to make this for myself too. Posted by Picasa

My friend, Fion has been raving about the hi tea set @ Crystal Jade. So after shopping @ Orchard Road, I decided that my family and I should rest our feet and tried the sets. The french toast is nice but oily. The milk tea has a nice aroma. Posted by Picasa

White Neck looks so adorable in this pose. Poor him has some red patch around his neck. He is prone to such bald patches which appear on and off. Posted by Picasa

Please don't read any further if you are eating. Okie, I have warned you. The brown stuff are fresh dog poo. I don't know which irresponsible dog owners have been leaving their dog poo behind without picking them up and throwing them away. And there are some people who actually think these are cat poo because a lady told my mum that a gardener may have disliked the community cats due to the poo they leave behind. Mum told her cats will bury their poo. Posted by Picasa