Sunday, April 30, 2006

I whipped up this eggy dish with 6 wrinkly cherry tomatoes I found in the fridge. My parents came home from the supermarket with the honey baked ham. I ate half of the dish with a slice of bread like a sandwich and the rest on its own. I won't say it's delicious. But the colour made it appealing and I like to think that I have ended the day by eating something healthy. Posted by Picasa

Mum and I will try to feed the cats at this pavillion when there are no couples doing funny business there. It shelters us from the rain and sun and also away from passers-by. We always make sure we clear away the food after the cats finish eating. The only rubbish lying around are cigarette butts, food remains and wrappers that inconsiderate people left behind. I should take photos of those rubbish as evidence the next time in case anyone dares to accuse that community cats are nuisance and dirty, etc.  Posted by Picasa

I always look forward to give the cats a head or body massage. I personally feel it is a good way of bonding with them and to show them we care beside feeding them. Posted by Picasa

I managed to snap this shot before Shadow started to lick and groom her back. Such pretty eyes! Posted by Picasa

I went down to the park to feed the cats and only Shadow and White Neck turned up. Fat Cat must be hiding somewhere. At first White Neck wasn't interested in the food. After drinking some water and rubbing his head against my legs a few times, he started to eat some food. Posted by Picasa

Ruth nibbling on something and still has the energy to tidy up her house. Posted by Picasa

Ruth sitting up and I gave her some corn kernel and beansprouts to eat. Posted by Picasa

Can you see the red growth? Ruth has lost quite a lot of weight but she is still eating and can grab the food for us and nibble on her food without any help from us. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Worries for my furry friends

Ruth who has been with us for more than 2 years after I adopted her from SPCA is not doing well. Her tumour near her right fore arm has grown bigger to like 2 peanuts. One of her eyes is tearing. She pees near her sleeping area and there is a slight stink to her urine and poo. Sigh, symptoms that Ruth may not be with us for long :( Mum has tried to make her comfortable by placing strips of tissue paper as bedding and gives her food whenever she wakes up as she sleeps more and it may be painful or difficult for her to move to the tray to get her food.

The rain also makes us worry that the cats will feel sick. White Neck has recovered from his sneezing. The past few days, he didn't seem to have much appetite and didn't want to touch the dry cat food we gave him. Today his appetite is back :)

Whatever Cafe is a nice place to chill out if you like to try vegetarian food and healthy dessert. Check out their menu: Posted by Picasa

Veggie pizza. With so much food on our plates, we had to dapao the remaining 2 slices (which is in my fridge for mum to try). We ended our meal wih triple choc ice cream and peach gelato. I regretted ordering the peach one which reminds me of the antibiotic I took when I was young. Posted by Picasa

Mezze plate with dips and bread. I like the yogurt dip and eggplant dip best. The couscous with parsley is refreshing but the parsley smell is overwhelming. The 2 chickpea dips are also yummy. Posted by Picasa

Joan and I went to Whatever Cafe (@ Keong Saik Road) around 4 pm. The waiter let us try this concoction of peanut, ginger and other secret ingredients which is used for the tauhu goreng. Nutty, fragrant and slightly spicy! Posted by Picasa

These colourful cows are at the field near Amara Hotel and Tanjong Pagar Plaza. Joan and I were admiring them after doing our hair @ the hair salon nearby. Posted by Picasa

Ice chocolate with ice cream @ Olio Cafe @ Alliance Francaise after watching a documentary film "Beyond Frontiers: Chinese Restaurants" with Joan and Ann. This film is one of the many films under the Singapore Film Fest and the only films I managed to catch. We enjoyed it and admired the courage of the Chinese restaurant owners in India and Brazil adapting to their environment. They and their families work together to make the business a success with the help of local employees. One of them treats his staff very well and believes in making the people around him happy. Another said it's important to have a companion, good health, savings and friends. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The carrot cake is really yummy. Even mum who doesn't like the smell of cinnamon likes it too as the smell is not too strong. Posted by Picasa

A nice doodling at the side of the cake box. Posted by Picasa

I had a Cat Welfare Society Committee meeting last night and I was touched when they got me a walnut carrot cake and sang me a birthday song. I'm touched as I don't usually celebrate my birthday. I have some homework to do too. As the Head of Events and Volunteers Subcomm, I will need to do a forecast of upcoming events that we will be participating in. So if any of you are interested to be a volunteer for CWS, do let me know :) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nice weekend

I really enjoy myself this weekend. I brought home the yoga mat from office and managed to do the basic yoga poses yesterday morning before I ate my breakfast. I like my newly painted finger nails and toe nails. I so far have only gone for manicure/pedicure 3 times and yesterday's experience with sister was the best. But I won't be going for nail therapy anytime soon unless it's for special occasions.

I met a nice lady, Esther earlier @ Plaza Singapura's Spotlight to browse at the materials to make cross-stitch bookmarks. She has made 2 sample bookmarks for me to show the other committee members on Tues and I will discuss with them if they think we could include the bookmarks as our merchandise. Esther also brought me to this scrapbooking shop called Made with Love and we were admiring the sample scrapbooking pages with various themes like baby, wedding. I may consider doing one for my hamsters and community cats. But I need to first find the time and discipline.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

When returning American Gods @ Sunny Bookshop @ Far East Plaza, my sis and I found another of Neil Gaiman's book. Coraline. It looks interesting and we borrow it. Posted by Picasa

I also bought myself a body spray from Crabtree & Evelyn. Nowadays I can't stand the strong parfum in the market and I got free cookies. Posted by Picasa

More shopping today. I bought this citrus handwash and hand moisturiser for my family to use after cooking at home :) Posted by Picasa

I managed to finish Neil's Gaiman's American Gods during lunch. I have read a few of his books and this one is no exception. Lengthier and more complicated than the others but I still enjoy the book. Posted by Picasa

We of course couldn't resist ordering a dessert to share. Choc souffle with thyme ice cream. The souffle reminds me of the choc cake I used to make. I must make time to make it again one of these weekends. Posted by Picasa

Late lunch @ Bakerzin @ Paragon with sister - I had this brioche with spinach, wild mushroom and eggs with nice cup of peppermint tea while sis ate ham & bacon penne and hot chocolate. Posted by Picasa

This afternoon, my sis and I visited Fave Nails @ Shaw Centre for manicure and pedicure. I did a french with purple tips instead of white ones. Not sure how long this look will maintain with me being rather clumsy, washing clothes and dishes at times, playing the hamsters and cats. I shall enjoy it while it lasts :) Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 21, 2006

Mum gave Pip the new grass/hay that looks so fresh and green. Posted by Picasa