Thursday, June 29, 2006

In the end, I hopped over to Bishan Junction 8 to Pets Lovers to buy Natural Balance (3kg) and Innova (1kg) of cat food. I did some weights training with them on the way home :P The next time, I'm going to order from another pet shop and get them to deliver to my place. Posted by Picasa

My mission after work was to buy some premium dry cat food but I didn't see what I want @ the pet shop @ Novena Sq and I went down to United Square to have a quick dinner of steak & cheese sandwich @ Subway. The event hall has some Meiji and Morinaga and I bought these. Dark chocolate and macadamia ones. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I couldn't resist eating a Tronky after dinner and downing a few slices of mango. Tronky reminds me of my childhood days too. Posted by Picasa

After working hard the past few days, it was nice to be home for dinner with parents today. Dou miao soup, pan fried fish slices and pork with diced potato and celery. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 26, 2006

Connection & friendship

This weekend got me thinking about friendship, the friends I have known for many years and the friends I have made recently.

Last evening, I had dinner with Sis, her good friend, P and her boyfriend, S and the good friend of S, G. The agenda was to introduce me to G whom S feels is a nice guy. However, after the dinner, sipping tea and coffee and going for late karaoke together as a group, I find that I don't have much to talk about to G and there is no connection.

I'm not sure if you have experienced the same things. Sometimes, you can meet a person for the first time but after talking for a while, you find some common interest(s) and you and the person can talk and connect. That can become a basis of friendship and if you make the effort to keep in touch with the person, you have found yourself a friend.

Today, I had lunch with Kuro.Shiro.Neko and a nice couple, Michael and Winnie. I have only known them for less than a year and less than 6 months respectively but we have lots to talk about and share. From cats, work to parts of our lives.

Earlier, I met my good friend, Yang Ling whom I have known since secondary 1 in 1991. I accompanied her to pass some food and drinks to her hubby at his workplace before we went to have dinner together. We updated each other about our life, recent events, etc. Although we have met more than a week ago, we have no lack of things to talk about.

When mum and I went down to feed the cats @ the park earlier, I would always try to give all the cats a pet or a massage after they finish eating. Bush, the new cat surprised me when he placed his 2 front paws and started to knead my left thigh. I sat on my slippers to feel more comfortable and Bush hopped onto my thighs and happily continued with more kneading. I had only seen Kuro.Shiro.Neko's cat kneading her tummy and it was my first time experiencing a cat's kneading. It was a strange and nice experience.

I just read here that Bush may be associating the comfort and happiness that he gets from me with happy memories with his mother". Haha. So I'm like a mother figure to Bush :)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The past few months seem to be the season for mangoes because I seem to be eating mangoes almost every week. Mum would buy them from the fruit stalls. The recent batch of large mangoes are from Taiwan and are sweet and nice. Posted by Picasa

Noisy looking handsome and posing for the camera :) Posted by Picasa

Noisy giving the camera an evil look. Hee. Posted by Picasa

Bush stretched and rested his paws on my foot but he didn't scratch me. Good that he doesn't see my leg as a scratching post :) Posted by Picasa

White Neck jumped onto the stone chair to check out the colourful bag that Mum has been using recently to house the cat food, plates, toilet roll and papers. Posted by Picasa

Another cute pose by Bush. Posted by Picasa

So adorable. The other cats have not done this to me. It makes me wonder if Bush is still young. Posted by Picasa

Bush is very manja and this was not the first time he rested his head on my foot and rubbed his face on my toes.  Posted by Picasa

Shadow is still the beauty and only female cat in the park. Posted by Picasa

White Neck was contented to rest after his breakfast. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bush seemed to like me to give him a neck massage too. Posted by Picasa

White Neck came over to check out Bush. They just sniffed each other and White Neck walked away. Later when White Neck sniffed Bush again at another open area, Bush swiped at White Neck to tell him "Don't disturb me". Posted by Picasa

White Neck and Shadow were busy feeding. Fat Cat who still doesn't like the camera was glaring @ me. hee. Posted by Picasa

Bush just kept sticking out his tongue in front of the camera initially. Posted by Picasa

I call him Bush as he likes to hide in the bush most of the time :) He looks really adorable! I'm going to find a day when I'm free to send him to the vet for sterilisation. Posted by Picasa

A new unsterilised male cat has been visiting us and the cats in the park recently. He is very greedy when it comes to food but doesn't seem to want to bother the other cats after eating. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Our eyes nearly popped out when we saw how small the portion for the sesame ice cream (left) was. Sis had the tartufu ice cream concoction. The dessert was not very satisfying. Posted by Picasa

The birthday girl wanted Japanese rice to go with the food, so I granted her wish :) Posted by Picasa

Torikarage (deep fried chicken). I like how they prepared this dish as the batter reminds me of the coating on soft shell crab. Posted by Picasa

Sis ordered this salmon miso cheese. It came in this small pan but was very filling due to the cheese. It's rather salty but nice as we love cheese and salmon. Posted by Picasa

Hotate (scallop) sushi which Mum ordered. Not bad. Posted by Picasa