Sunday, January 27, 2008

Angel, our baby

Angel was hiding under the table cloth this afternoon when he saw Pearl resting near his scratching post. He is quite wary of her. At times, he would hiss at her while he walks past her. We have to keep a close eye on Pearl who would chase him if she is irritated and alert. In the afternoon, she was just happy to rest and relax.

We had hoped Angel will be able to accept Pearl but at least he has not done anything more than hissing. I like this close up pic of him. Doesn't he look charming? :)

He also likes to hide in our bedrooms when Pearl is in the living room. This afternoon, he was in sis' room most of the time, looking out of the window.

He doesn't enjoy us bathing him but he likes to check out the toilet in my parents' bedroom.

Recently, Angel has been pawing at my right hand at night when I was sleeping, so I massaged him for a while until he had enough and started to nip my hand :) Usually he just jumps onto my pillow and tried to lick my hair and I will stop him by giving him a head or body massage. Maybe he needs some comforting and reassurance that he's still the baby in the family.

Pearl the princess

I took some photos of Pearl exploring my bedroom a few weeks ago. She was on my piano chair and also checking out my mirror.

Pearl will be going to a new home on 15 Feb. Through the Cat Welfare Society adoption bulletin board, I have managed to find a good adopter for her after screening through emails from more than 10 interested people. He has viewed her last Sun and likes her a lot. This afternoon, he came again with some kitten food, treats and a toy for her. What a nice gesture! As his place is still under renovation and he will be overseas during the Chinese New Year period, he has asked whether we mind keep Pearl for a few weeks more until he's ready to welcome Pearl to his nice home.
We do not mind having Pearl with us but Angel will have to bear with her. He still does hiss at her, without attacking her and sometimes she would run back to the balcony and hide and sometimes she would chase after him. And Angel is quite a coward and would run away. We would supervise both of them whenever we let Pearl out of the balcony. At night, Pearl has been whining/protesting on and off in the middle of the night for being cooped up in the balcony. Sometimes Pearl sounds like she's being strangled. Poor girl - we would like her have the free run of the house like Angel if both of them can get along.

Pearl likes to follow us around the house or just rest on the floor, sleeping or watching us. She loves Angel's scratching post - she will rake her claws against it and sleep near it. Mom is concerned that Pearl will grow attached to us and be sad to leave us. I think Pearl will like her adopter who shares with us on his plans for her :)

Cali and Bob

Both Cali and Bob were sterilised on 18 Jan and I released them back to where they were found.

Cali hides in the drain or under the cars in the carpark and she would run out of her hiding place when I made some clicking sound and we'll feed her at the void deck. Despite her small size, she is quite fierce towards other cats who come near her.

Bob is very friendly towards us and will meow and come running to us when he sees us in the park. He is also rather friendly towards most of the other cats like White Neck and White Cat.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spending time with a dear friend

I took afternoon leave today to hang out with my good friend, Jasmine before she leaves for US next Tues. We probably won't be seeing each other soon. We got to know each other during the hostel orientation and have been keeping in touch ever since. As with all the other good friends, it's nice that we have a lot of things to share and discuss.

After lunch, we wanted to watch the movie "27 dresses" but it will only be opened tomorrow. In the end, we chose to watch "Love in the time of Cholera" at Cineleisure. A friend who read the book told me it's a quirky love story and I agree. Some scenes were funny as the lead character wrote letters to declare his love for a lady. It's an unusual and interesting story as it is set during the period around the year 1900 and makes one wonder what is love. Jasmine and I even had a discussion about the movie over tea and pies.

After dinner with her and her boyfriend, Jasmine and I hugged and said our goodbyes. Luckily, we can always email and call without relying on just snail mail :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Trapping 2 cats again

Tonight is the 2nd time I trapped 2 cats for sterilisation. In the past, I used to just trap one, as I will take half day morning leave to bring the cat to the vet clinic nearby. This time and the last time, I decide to use my 2 carriers to trap 2 cats who are quite friendly and I outsource the transport and boarding to a recommended pet taxi guy.

Now I feel tired from making trips to trap the cat and carry it home and going downstairs again and trapping another cat and home again and back to the park to feed the cats with mom and going home to bring the 2 cats to the pet taxi guy. I also feel glad that I don't have to worry about these 2 new cats (Bob and Cali) reproducing after tomorrow.

The cats will be sterilised tomorrow and I'll get them back on Sat late afternoon.

Pearl up for adoption

Pearl's ad has been posted on Cat Welfare Society's online adoption board.

I have already received emails from about 10 persons. Pearl is very popular and I'll have to screen them carefully to find the best home for Pearl.

If you know of any good cat owner, ask him or her to contact me!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Abandoned pet cats turn community cats

Poor Pearl has been abandoned by an irresponsible owner. When we walked to a block near the park to feed 3 cats, Pearl would run out to greet us and we would feed her with food. As she is a female, I had to sterilise her urgently. Now she sports a left tipped ear. However we think it's a pity to release her back to the void deck as after taking care of her at home for the past week, we find her friendly and will make a nice companion.

We have to separate Pearl from Angel, so Pearl stays in the balcony and we let her out at times when we can supervise her movement around the house. It also means I have to wake up at 5plus am on weekdays to catch Dad before he leaves the house for work, so that Pearl won't follow Dad out of the house (which she hasn't shown any interest so far) or sneak out of the balcony into the rest of the house. I also will stroke her and give her about 15mins of my attention before I go back to sleep and wake up before 7am again to prepare for work.

As usual, Angel doesn't seem to like another cat at home and would hiss at her and Dad doesn't like the idea of another cat too. I have prepared an ad of her to be posted on Cat Welfare Society's online adoption board to find her a good home.

Another abandoned pet cat, Oreo is an older male cat. He is very talkative and his meows are very loud. At first I thought he was in some kind of pain or calling out for a mate. But his loud meowing still continues after sterilisation, so I suspect he wants human attention since he used to be a home cat. I couldn't keep him at home due to his noisiness, so he was released back to the park. For the past week, I have to sayang him for more than 15mins and let him push his head into my hand and rub his body against me before he would settle down to eating his food and when I try to leave, he would meow loudly. Poor Oreo. I'm thinking of cleaning him up, getting him vaccinated and boarded somewhere after I manage to adopt out Pearl.

I like this photo of Oreo. He looks so adorable and also a bit mad. Hee.

I find it funny that Oreo rests with his 2 legs sticking out sometimes.

Simple lunch with Mom

On Fri, I took leave to take a break from work. I have been waking up at 5am for about 15 minutes the past week before going back to sleep and waking up before 7am again to go to work. Anyway, I may tell you all the reason later.

As usual, I would go down to the park to feed the community cats with Mom around 10am. More than an hour later, we finished feeding all the cats and decided to walk to a coffeeshop 15 mins' walk away to have this dry handmade noodle. I like the egg and fried wantons/dumplings and the seaweed soup that goes with it. @ $3, I think it's very yummy and affordable. The kalamansi juice gives a nice sour kick to the dish too. Plus a cup of coffeeshop-made lemon tea, the meal made me feel satisfied, happy and almost erased all of my worries :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lunching @ Sun with Moon

With the discount coupons I received, my colleagues and I visited Sun with Moon @ Wheelock Place to give our friend who is leaving our company for a year for further studies.

While the others order the usual Japanese fare, I tried this tofu hamburger and avocado salad. I like the salad but the tofu patty doesn't really agree with me. Well, at least I know what not to order the next time.

Three-coloured cat

I have trapped Three and sent him for sterilisation a few months ago. He would hiss at us for food and run close to our feet. Sometimes, he would swap at our hands or feet if he thinks we are too slow in giving him food. Haha. Such a demanding little guy. He still doesn't like us to touch him but we are happy to just feed him whenever we see him at the fringes of the park.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The start of 2008

Today is the start of 2008. Angel was on my pillow beside my head when I was awake and he tried to lick and chew my hair. Haha. I had to stop him. Then it was a light breakfast while I flipped through the Straits Times. I joined Mom downstairs to feed the cats for 30 mins before I rushed home for a shower and went out to meet Fion to have lunch with our Vietnamese friend, H who is in Singapore this week.

We had ramen ($15) and dumplings ($5) at Maratuma Ramen at Central, Clarke Quay. There are not many items on the menu but the ramen and soup are well cooked and not overly salty. The dumplings are quite satisfying too. However, I don't think I will visit it again anytime soon.

After seeing H check out of her hotel and leaving with her friend, Fion and I had some dessert and drinks at TCC nearby before going home. It was nice to spend time with a friend who has known me and worked with me for the past 6 years.

After all the feasting, I enjoyed a simple dinner of fish, steamed egg and veggie soup with my family tonight. Then Mom and I went out to feed the community cats and a few other unsterilised cats (Bobby, Oreo. Monster and Pearl). Buffy has not appeared for the past few days and we hope someone nice has adopted her. I'm targeting to trap and sterilise the cats this Fri and the next few weeks. Poor White Cat appeared with a limp on his right hind leg. We will monitor and see if he will recover over the next few days.

Back home, I refilled the containers of cat food for Mom to feed the cats tomorrow morning. While Mom was cleaning up the hamsters' houses, I put 2 of them into the balls for them to run around the balcony. The past few weeks, we had been watching this Korean drama series "Witch Youxi" on Ch U. It was quite funny. I seldom get hooked on TV shows but this one and another one (started last night) are interesting and make me laugh.

Year 2008 is not going to be very much different from last year. Helping the community cats will continue to be a priority. I can't imagine my life without them and they have in some ways made me who I am today. I also look forward to more happy days with family (including Angel and the hamsters) and good friends and also find time to learn new things. Hee. It seems like it will be a busy and fruitful year ahead :)