Sunday, September 06, 2015

Adventures with Chinese Spinach

Mom used to cook Chinese spinach for dinners some years back. When I was young, I would equate spinach with Popeye the sailor man and that I would be strong like him after eating it too :) Earlier this week, mom had bought a big bunch of Chinese Spinach thinking that she could cook it for our dinner. It didn't happen as Mom had no mood to cook dinner and Dad bought dinner home for her and himself while I settled mine after work. When I cook a simple meal for myself, I have be in a good mood and look forward to eating what I am preparing. If Mom doesn't have appetite eating what she cook, there is no point for her to prepare and cook for us in the first place. Dad has always been an understanding partner and doesn't want to see Mom miserable. I would have dinner at Caveman Food or Real Food at Novena Square 2 before heading home. If I have time and mood, I can prepare a simple meal at home. Not wanting to let the Chinese Spinach go to waste, I attempted to stir fry it with minced pork and egg omelette on Friday night. Yesterday, I cooked it with sliced fish and dill leaves and some spinach leaves and fish were overcooked as I should have cooked the stems first before throwing in the rest. Both spinach dishes were edible with the first attempt more tasty. Mom taught me to peel the outer layer of the spinach stems so that it won't be too tough when cooked. I was surprisingly patient as I did the peeling the 2 nights. Maybe cooking my own meals has become a form of therapy :)

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