Sunday, April 17, 2011

Outing with girlfriends and dolls

Yesterday I met up with good friends and we had lunch @ Skinny Pizza @ Raffles City. The food was not too bad but I wasn't too wowed by them. They are photogenic though. We had sweet corn crab (it's sweet which I don't like), butter garlic chicken pizza (the meat reminds me of rendang), meatball spaghetti (a bit spicy), truffle fries (which FR said those @ 40 hands cafe are better) and chai chocolate cake (I forgot to take a photo. Unique taste but quite nice).

SP brought 4 Blythe dolls with her and 2 of which are for me and FR to doll sit. FR got Red Cherry and me Pink Magic :)

After lunch, we walked to Singapore Philatetic Museum as we wanted to catch the "Bunny Wonderland" exhibition.

It was actually my first visit and we had great fun :) You will see what we were busy doing most of the time. Hee.

Red Cherry & Stargazer outside the museum

At Level 1 of the Museum,
Pink Magic sat on the Vespa scooter

I was also admiring the rabbit postcards, stamps and the museum's interesting and nice interior and props.

Colour umbrellas hanging from the ceiling

@ the staircase, there are cute rabbits

past the exit door to Level 2 of the Museum

Pink Magic was considering a holiday with a big luggage but thought it would be more fun to include Red Cherry and Stargazer too :)

Too bad they don't serve teh or kopi.

On the way to Bunny Wonderland

In Bunny Wonderland

The adorable Sylvanian family (I had to knee on the ground and take these photos :) I didn't zoom in enough!)

This exhibition is great for kids and adults :)

Pink shoes and feet of JerL's and SP's girl :)

Fun time for the dolls

Nap time and Chocolate joined them

SP has also blogged about our fun outing.

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sp said...

i'm glad raisinfly told us about the exhibit!