Sunday, November 24, 2013

First attempt in making dorayaki

I remember enjoying dorayaki (aka Doramon's favorite snack) when I was young. I liked those from the food section of Yaohan supermarket which is no longer around in Singapore. I have seen dorayaki sold at some bakeries but I find them too sweet. After finding 2 recipes for dorayaki and the red bean paste on 2 blogs, I spent a few hours making them. The paste ended up a bit too dry and is not sticky enough to hold the 2 pancakes together. Hee. The pancakes are nice enough to eat on their own. Sis who doesn't like red beans ate the pancakes with ice cream and feta cheese separately.


Joseph Boey said...

I can still remember the fried chicken wings and chili fishballs at Yaohan !

Anonymous said...

Never seen it before, will have to try it as it looks very yummy!