Sunday, June 12, 2005

Shopping @ Orchard Road

After the 2nd last buddhism lesson this morning, I took a bus down to Tanglin Mall. I decided to have my lunch @ La Tanglin Boulangerie Cafe (just next to the supermarket). I had the roasted chicken celery apple walnut sandwich. The sandwich was a mouthful like its name. The bakery staff gave me pinenuts as there weren't any walnuts. It was a delicious and satisfying meal. @ $6.90, I think it's worth it.

After that I went upstairs to Export Fashion and bought a pair of pants and T-shirt. At another shop, I bought another pair of pants at sales price. I walked down to Palais Rennaisance to look for the Heel n Toe shop which sells shoes imported from New Zealand for people with problematic feet. I walked out of the shop with 2 pairs of shoes (one for work and another for play) and was about $380 poorer but I think it's worth the investment. My feet are almost flat and I can't wear shoes with pronounced arch support and most of the shoes I have bought would give me blisters or aches or they only last for at most 6 months (because I walk a lot?) and my friends and family don't seem to have the same problems. I realise my clarke boots, kickers shoes, teva sandals and my nike cross trainers are my most comfy and durable shoes so far and I can wear them all day with a smile.

After my personal shopping spree, I went down to Takashimaya to meet my sis and parents and I didn't buy anything there or @ Paragon or Heeren and John Little. One reason is because I realise in these 2 months I have spent quite a lot on my pets, teeth, Singapore Art Festival performances' tickets, food, facial care products, tennis lessons, etc. and today was just my first contact with this year's Great Singapore Sale. Hee. I will need to be mindful of spending from tomorrow onwards :)


JerL said...

Wow, seems like you are quite happy with your what you've got. Indeed, shoes are very important and it is difficult to find nice shoes that is comfy at the same time. So I guess shoes are worth the splurge. I'm so busy these days that I don't have any time to go shopping although this is the sale season.

BAM said...

The sandwich sounds yummy, esp now when I'm starting to get the afternoon munchies. :) am counting down to time off! Goodness. Heard that pinenuts are the most expensive nuts of all.

My shoes wear out pretty often too but I tend to look for cheap shoes nowadays. Too bad we can't wear those causual shoes to work.

I am going shopping today! Hope I don't spend a bomb, last month I lived on savings!