Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Time flies!

It's already the 3rd day of my 5-day mc. Dharma has showed off a bit of its flying ability a few times today. It half jumped and flew from my hand to my shoulder and chirped loudly in my ear. It was quite a funny experience and I was only worried that Dharma would poo on me as it has done so several times on my hands. haha. Just now, it flew and landed on top of its house. However, Dharma still wants to be hand fed and doesn't know or want to peck the food and swallow them down on its own.

This was the lunch mum and I had earlier. Mum prepared the ingredients and I only came in the later part to gently stir the ingredients when mum put in the cream of mushroom sauce and KFC's chilli sauce. I took this shoot of the pasta in frying pan before I scooped them into 2 plates :)

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