Friday, June 24, 2005

Exercise, comfort food and Frisky

This weekend, I'm going to take a break from exercise. I swam on Mon evening, jogged on treadmill for 15 mins during Tues' lunchtime, played badminton and tennis yesterday. I'm happy that I managed to hit some of the tennis balls back to my 2 friends who are good tennis players. They have been very encouraging and motivate me to play better. Some of my joints and muscles are aching a little but it would have been worse if I didn't apply some heat lotion last night.

I must share what I had for dinner after our tennis practice last night. We went to the Cheesecake Cafe (@ 685 East Coast Road, near Siglap Centre) and ate Peach Jelly Cheese Cake, Chicken Pizza and Mushroom & Chicken Pie. The pizza and pie were the portion for a small eater. We 3 girls shared the food and loved the cheesecake. It was light, creamy with a tinge of sourish taste and there were bits of peaches. I enjoyed the mini pizza too - it looked so cute and tasted slightly sweet due to some unrecognisable vegetable. The waiters were very friendly and one of them recommended their cherry chocolate cheesecake. We didn't regret taking his advice. It was a good blend of chocolate and cheese. The bill came up to around $41 after 10% discount from UOB credit cards.

I will definitely visit this place again - nice ambience and there are couches with coffee table for you and your friends/family to chill out. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me, so that you could drool over the pictures.

I was happy to see Frisky near my block when I reached home. The shopkeeper uncle told me that Frisky's fur is regrowing. I felt more hair on Frisky than rough dry skin or scabs. She seemed happy to see me too and kept rubbing herself on my legs. Frisky meowed and looked at me when I was leaving to step into the lift. Sometimes I wish I could bring Frisky home as a pet but it's hard since I'm always out late and can't give her the attention she deserves as a house pet and not not forgetting my parents and 4 hamsters @ home too.


the baker said...

yes, i've heard about the cheesecake cafe too. is it that nice? i must go try it someday!

coboypb said...

It's nice and tastes different from those @ Coffee Club, NYDC. It's lighter and less dense. You must try! It has inspired me to try and make a nice cheesecake myself :)