Friday, June 03, 2005


I was so clumsy yesterday. First when I was getting into the cab with my friends from our office to Kallang Tennis Centre, I dropped the box with Mynah in it as the raffia string wasn't tied securely. My friend asked if Mynah had died from shock when we settled in the cab. Luckily, it was a little stunned when I quickly opened up the cover and stroked it. When we were learning tennis, I was quite lousy at hitting the balls with my racket (bad ball sense) and somehow, my ball hit Mynah's box. It looked alright when I checked but must have gotten a shock on the impact of the ball. I felt kind of bad but was glad that I didn't kill Mynah.

After tennis ended @ 9am, we had dinner @ mountbatten hawker centre till 10.30pm. We were catching up with a friend about her new job. I bought a piece of payaya and tried to hand feed Mynah while the rest were talking but it didn't want that.

When I reached home around 11.30pm, sis and mum were still awake when we went home. I held Mynah and it was quite a nice feeling when her feet were griping my fingers and I supported her body while mum gently pried open her beak and forced feed her the mashed up oatmeal and cooked rice and warm water concoction that I prepared. Mynah swallowed them. Mum called Mynah Blackie :), so Blackie it will be. This was Blackie after supper.


We prepared a red basin lined with newspapers, newspaper strips and some hamster hay/grass and it looked like a huge nest.I put Blackie and basin under my bed and it must be feeling quite comfortable and safe that it tucked her head on her back between its wings I slept @ 1.30am and occasionally, I could hear it chirping softly and flapping its wings.

This morning before I left home, she was making noises and opening her mouth wide, indicating she was hungry. Sis whistled and it seemed to be answering back. Too bad I can't whistle. I held her again while mum fed her and Blackie would push its head to force the dropper into her throat. Just like what we see in documentary where the mother's beak will be deep inside the baby's throat when feeding. Mum and sis said Blackie is so adorable. I know Mum likes Blackie even though she said I give her additional work to do. This weekend I will be @ home except for buddhism class on Sun morning. At least for next week, I will be on 5 day's MC for wisdom tooth and could take care of Blackie too. Hope I won't be in too much pain or discomfort.

I called mum a while ago and she said she just fed Blackie with some cooked minced pork and egg white because it was calling out for food again and opening its beak real wide. Blackie was very alert and kept looking around and @ mum when she peeps @ it. I find the scene funny just imagining it :)I must find out how to sex Blackie.

I have not seen Frisky yesterday and this morning. I shall ask Uncle about her after work today.


slushy_mushy said...

Didn't realise that Blackie's a baby until this post and your earlier emails. She sounds awfully like Ainsley when she was younger. When hungry, she would open her mouth really wide...that's why her nickname became "Hippo". :)

slushy said...

Also, poor blackie for getting hit so many times