Friday, June 24, 2005

Cooking, sewing and doing housework

Yesterday I posted another comment in SDU online forum. A guy asked whether women only will learn how to cook, sew, do housework because of guys and not for anything else.

My comments were:
No, at least for me and a few of my girl friends. After knowing friends who love to bake and cook, I have been experimenting and now I could cook simple dishes and bake cookies that sometimes friends, family and I enjoy. When I produce weird tasting but edible food, I just have to eat them myself and learn from my mistakes :) Of course, it helps that my mum is a housewife and good cook herself. So with no guys in our life, my friends and I are learning some of these things because we are interested, want to do them ourselves and we feel good about ourselves. It's important to have self motivation and not just learn/do something because you want to please others.

I help out with housework when mum nags or I feel bad that poor mum still has to slave for me, an adult and no longer a helpless child. Of course most of the time I'm lazy to tidy up my room and ironing my clothes but when I'm in the mood, I will do it. I read that the state of your house/room is a reflection of the state of your mind. It's quite true for me, so once in a while I will try to do some decluttering. If I look @ housework as tidying up my life and some kind of self-discipline, it becomes more of a meaningful task than a chore :) And at the same time, tune in to my favourite music/songs and sing along to make it more enjoyable.


RuStiC~ said...

i have to agree with you. call me a feminist, but I don't believe in doing things for guys just to please them. i mean, baking and cooking and all, it's a skill. and well, it's always better to do things because you enjoy it, and not force yourself because you have to. maybe i'm just too independent and love that I am capable enough to do things myself and for myself. =)

on a different note altogether, i really like your blog. it's thought-provoking and i like how you muse about the 'simple joys' in life. keep the great writing going ya...

coboypb said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Initially I was writing for myself because by putting thoughts down into words, I would reflect on them and it helps me to decide what to do next and how to be a better person.

And I'm glad I started to blog because it's a good way to connect to people with similar views like you :)

Slushy trying to bake nevertheless said...

I don't usually cook/bake things because of my husband, rather I do them despite of him!! ;p He doesn't like the kitchen to be in a mess so doesn't like me to cook or bake if I can help it.

Anonymous said...

Actually there are some guys who can cook too!
last yr I went for a cooking class and ended up burning my little finger, but then still managed to learn the essentials of wok frying.


Anonymous said...

Do u consider a guy who vacuums the floor, hand cleans/scrubs every floor of the HDB apartment on Sunday mornings after vacuuming and organises his own personal effects on weekly basis a potential house-husband?

On top, after all the above chores, he still got the energy to go out to watch movies, shop at Handifix, or buy the essential groceries for home use?


coboypb said...

Hi, FoxTrot

Thanks for popping by my blog. Good that you know how to cook, at least you can enjoy your own dish without having to eat out or take away all the time.

Wow, vacuuming, mopping the floor and tidying the house is what my mum does every Fri morning. Ok you pass the house-husband test since you can cook too :P