Saturday, June 18, 2005

My furry friends

After eating breakfast and reading the papers this morning, I carried smelly Ebon and clean his bottom and body with a damp cloth. He didn't open his eyes and I asked mum to help me to wet his eye lids to remove whatever discharge. Poor Ebon. He looks so frail. But he is still eating some food and has the energy to bit the hay using his teeth and carry back to his sleeping quarters.

I went to the nearby hairdresser to trim my unruly hair for $10 and spotted Frisky sunning herself between the shopkeeper Uncle's shop and the letterbox. I am no longer concerned about Frisky biting me as she has never once attempted to do so. Her eyes looked so sad. I stroked behind her ears and she started to rub her body against my legs and then her face against my feet. I think not many people beside the shopkeeper Uncle dare to sayang her and this explains why she seemed eager for my attention. She exposed her belly and I only stroked her sides as I wasn't sure how she will take to a belly rub. I stroked her rough but dear face before I went home.

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