Saturday, June 04, 2005


Last night I bought some unpolished rice powder, Kaytee's hand feeding formula and Heinz for Baby Fruity Pear, so that we could feed Blackie with these and other fruits and concoction. I saw Frisky and stroked her a while before asking the shopkeeper Uncle if they bath Frisky and use Dettol. He said they do and thinks Dettol is safe. I told him I would buy a cat shampoo, so that they could use it for Frisky.

This morning we fed Blackie with Kaytee formula mixed with Mum's concoction of cooked minced pork and egg white and rice before we gave Blackie a shower and dried its feathers with towel and hair dryer. Sis thinks Blackie as a name doesn't sound nice. We want a name suitable for both sexes, so in the end, I decided on Dharma. It seems Dharma has many meanings according to and I saw in another website, it simply explains dharma as protection. I associate this name from the comedy "Dharma & Greg" and a name of my sis' friend (a guy).

Dharma looked so fluffed up and good looking beside sis' knee :) Dharma 1
Dharma was sitting on my palm with its legs on my foot. It went on to prune its feather and actually fell asleep.

Dharma 2Dharma 4Dharma 5

Mum actually sawed off a small part of a bamboo stick to fit into Dharma's house. Isn't she great? I kept telling her she's my idol :)
Dharma 10 Dharma 9
Dharma looked so comfortable in the renovated house :) It has become used to us and would chirp/scream for us almost every hour when it wants to be fed or just some warm hands to cuddle it.

I took some pictures of Ebon resting inside his toilet too. He still looks so adorable with his bald patches :)

Ebon asleep


slushy_mushy said...

It is really heartwarming to find someone who really treasures their pet even when it is old and not looking as it used to. It's easy to love a cute pet, but the true test is when you're willing to love and take care of one which is old. Guess this applies to humans too. :)

coboypb said...

I wish people could apply the concept of "till death do us part" not just on their life partners but also their pets. Those who are looking for a pet should think of it as adopting a child or looking for a lifelong friend, instead of treating it as a shopping experience for their material wants like bags, clothes, etc.