Sunday, June 26, 2005

Slushy's dinner party

I reached Slushy's home around 3pm yesterday to help her and her mum with some baking and food preparation. Slushy had already made the dough for the apple pie crust. My job was to roll it out and place it into the pan and arrange the apple slices before baking it. Slushy's carrot cake, mushroom quiche and sheperd pie were yummy and it was her first time baking it. Our friend, Hui Jen came with her famous baked rice and her nice boyfriend. There were also roast herb spring chicken, seafood salad, Slushy's mum's bee hoon, garlic bread and chips and dips - more than enough to feed us, Slushy's and her hubby's friends. Some of us packed back the leftovers for breakfast, lunch and tea today.

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BAM said...

Thanks for all your help! There was so much food we ate it for breakfast lunch and dinner the next day despite giving most of it out to people to take home. Think I may try the carrot cake again when I'm free, or for other occasions. I'll try to post up pictures of the event in my blog tonight...getting a bit behind! ;p