Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Video on cruelty

A friend sent me this link:
and she said someone decided not eating meat anymore after watching the video.

I watched the video in the comfort of my home and my sis was with me too. She went "eeee" all the way and I weeped a little @ the cruelty inflicted on the poor animals. I am not sure where this incident took place. The guy would slam the animals (look like racoon and wolf) onto the ground, hoping to knock them unconscious. They would use a knife to slit the fur @ one of the legs and peel the skin starting from the leg to the body and to the head while the poor animal was still alive, weakly writhing and groaning/crying @ times. It's terrible to see such suffering. The poor animal furless and with a bloodied face blinked and I could see its nice long lashes as the horrible man throw the animal into some container with other furless creatures. The animal lifted up its head as it laid by its side before dropping its head on top of other animals, dying or dead.

Mum said that sis and I were so weird to watch such cruel actions but once the video started rolling, we had to see how extreme men can be just to get a beautiful fur off the animal and we never expect to see such gross actions. I won't become a vegetarian because I love eating chicken, fish, pork and beef. To date, I only own a kangeroo fur bag (which my parents bought for me when we were travelling in Australia and still hiding in my cupboard) and I definitely don't want to own any more fur stuff.

Since I'm a meat eater, I can't question why people kill animals because I have a small part in causing the death of the animals I have been eating. But I guess I could wonder why people need to kill animals in such a cruel manner. Why do people want to wear fur of such animals in the first place? Because it's exotic? Because it adds on their status in the society? A fashion statement? Do they know the killing process and how much the animals have suffered? Or do they not care at all?

I shall find out more about the background to the video and update you all.


JerL said...

Eeeeeks!!!!! They are so cruel, so unhuman. I couldn't bear to even finish watching the clip! It's so heart-wrenching that I cried and cried..

There was once a Chinese saying that goes:"Men hunt down tigers, eat tiger meat, skin tiger skin and then describe tiger as a ferocious animal." It's such an irony because men is even more ferocious than tigers.

Slushy the horrified said...

I planned on watching it, but after the description of your reaction the other day and reading this entry, I don't think I can. I won't be able to bear it. I couldn't even watch a one minute happy tree friends cartoon and they are not even real creatures. This is just too horrible. It's not about the meat industry so don't think its message is to stop meat eating but rather on the necessity of fur as a fashion statement.

I believe use of fur started long ago when there were no synthetic materials to use for clothes, esp in cold climes. And also people would eat the whole animal and then use the fur so nothing would go to waste. In these cases it would be as neccessary as eating.

I think for things like sheep skins, etc. they do use the rest of the animal?

coboypb said...

I have found the explanation behind the cruel skinning method @
"To kill the animals without damaging their fur, trappers usually strangle, beat, or stomp them to death. Animals on fur farms may be gassed, electrocuted, poisoned with strychnine, or have their necks snapped. These methods are not 100 percent effective and some animals "wake up" while being skinned."

JerL said...

My goodness. That's so horrible. I will never buy those animal fur stuff anymore.. knowing how those animals suffered for Man's vanity.

BAM said...

It's good the video had some effect! :) Remember the seeds video we saw? I passed that to the girl who recommended this link. Wonder if it will persuade her to turn vegetarian.

Anonymous said...

Sadism is the prevailing adjective described for that video, period. Is that one of Manchu 10 torture methods in use?

Better to kill the caged animal instantly relieving it of pain, rather than torture it ripping off its natural fur, while highlighting its excrucriating screams. All animals have feelings too...

An animal equivalent of the equally digusting docu-movie Faces of Death.