Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Discovery of nice paintings & drawings

I'm happy to find 2 local websites featuring beautiful paintings and drawings. Paulmysch blog (see under "Blogs I love to visit") shows the artist couple's love for cats, painting and each other. It's nice to see cats being featured in blogs and paintings and even wonderful to read about how someone loves and cares for our feline friend. Paul and Michelle will be holding their Catmasutra II exhibition at Utterly Art in Dec 2005 and I will definitely visit to admire their paintings and say hi to them.

The website/blog of Ee Shaun (also under "Blogs I love to visit") features cartoons, comics and characters of Gardensilly. I had fun looking through Ee Shaun's webpages of comics, doodlings, his creations - silly, cheerful and cute all meshed together.

These charming paintings and cartoons evoke feelings of joy in me. I feel inspired by their creativity and how they express what they see or feel. This is art therapy for me :)


Slushy said...

quite quirky and interesting. where'd you find the links?

coboypb said...

I read about Gardensilly in Digital Life today who reviewed 3 comics blogs. Paul was the one who did the artwork for the Cat Welfare Society's new T-shirt and at CWS' website, I read about Paul and Michelle's Catmasutra exhibition in Dec last year and found their website :)