Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Talking about dogs and cats

I earlier received an email from ASD. A lady who adopted a stray dog 2 months ago and got her neighbour to care for it, is returning the dog to SPCA because the dog is not allowed in a HDB flat. She is appealing through ASD for fosterers or adopters as the dog would be put down by SPCA 3 days later if there are no takers. ASD has proposed to let the dog stay @ a boarding facility instead of SPCA or request HDB for a few weeks' grace period to rehome the dog.

I forwarded to 2 friends and this is how the email conversation between me and a friend went:
Friend: It is very sad but though I never scold anyone for keeping a big dog in a flat, I have to warn them and they have to understand the consequences. Even for my cat, we have been living in fear every day. What to do? Irresponsible people cause laws to be passed on responsible people. Tell me it isn't so.
Me: Yeah, I agree. I think it's ridiculous that cats can't be kept in hdb flat. Is there a good reason?
Friend: Because people (u know who lah) let their cats roam around and these cats go and scratch cars, mate with other cats, cause noise pollution, scratch people, beg, urinate and poop on their neighbours porches.
Me: I don't think anybody in my block or nearby blocks has cats. Think we only have stray cats. i have never heard of anyone complained about their cars being scratched by cats.
Friend: You know, somehow there are very few cat lovers in Singapore although in the states it's the number one pet.
Me: Yeah, I already know some friends who can't stand the sight of cats. Most people think dogs make the best pet. I think cats are nice too :)

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slushy_mushy said...

It's sad that cats aren't as treasured as dogs isn't it? Guess it's because they don't have that "love me" look or attitude. :) But I think my cat is really sweet. He comes when called and is really a great companion when watching TV or reading; he'll lay down next to me and wait, letting me pet him and he'll purr. Get a cat, people! OH, better quantify...cats, like any pets, need lots of attention and care!