Saturday, June 11, 2005

Unconventional music

Last night @ 8pm, I went for a musical performance by Bang on a Can All Stars @ Victoria Concert Hall with my friends. There are 6 musicans playing different instruments - electric guitar, cello, piano, clarinet, drums, gong, etc. The music pieces featured aren't the conventional sort like classical, jazz, rock, etc. Instead, the group is showing us that there are no limits to what we call music. Some of the pieces they performed last night may initially sound like noise or disturbing clash of notes but after listening carefully and opening our minds, we hear rhythm, a pattern, familarity and slowly we hear the music or message that the composer of the piece and the performing group are trying to convey. It is also fascinating to see how each musician so comfortable with his/her instrument improvised with creativity and produced music that is so unique.

I like 2 of the 6 pieces performed last night. One is entitled "Dalem & Sangut- ShadowBang" composed by Evan Ziporyn who is also the clarinettist and most of us would be able to relate to it as it draws some essence from the traditional Balinese wayang kulit music. My 2nd favorite piece is this ambient music "Music for Airport" composed by "Brian Eno". It's very calming and reminds me a little of those theme music for movies like ET or Jurrasic Park. My friend said she felt like crying listening to this piece. [I managed to find the website about this group @ and there are some music samples to listen/download.]

Whenever I go for such performances, I would feel inspired and wish I would work harder on my piano or my voice and be able to create such beautiful music too. However, I'm not talented or as passionate as these musicians but it is a nice dream to have :)

After the performance ended around 9.30pm, we walked slowly to Penny Black @ Boat Quay for drinks. The 2 sisters had beers and I a small Strongbow Cider. It was nice to sit outside the pub, looking @ the river, sipping our drinks and eating some french fries and chatting. My face turned warm and red even when I only had a few sips. After the girls sent me to the bus-stop near my home, I walked towards the small park where we released Dharma. I didn't see any mynah hovering around the tree. It was around 11.30pm and Frisky was at the shop front @ the void deck. She smelled like she had a bath earlier. I squatted and talked to her a little, stroking her sparsely furry body. She looked so skinny. When I got into the lift, she was mewing and looking @ me leaving.


BAM said...

What is a Strongbow Cider?

coboypb said...

There is a brief description of Strongbow Cider -

To me, it tastes a bit like sparkling apple juice with alcohol.