Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dettol is harmful for Frisky

Me: Parents and shopkeeper uncle think that there is no point bringing Frisky to the vet again since she is still eating well and it may cost some more money for skin biopsy. I'm also not sure if i will bring her to Dr Ling 2 weeks later. If not, I will just sayang her everytime I see her.
Friend: I can understand if you are not up to the biopsy, because it will be very costly and the improvement may not be great. As in, after treating her, because she is a stray she will get ill again easily. I think if you really want to treat her, you also might want to consider bringing her home to be your cat to be tenderly looked after by yourself. But of course, easier said than done lah.
Me: Yeah, parents will not be able to accept a cat @ home (Afterthought: 5 hamsters @ home too) and I'm also not home most of the time to take care of her. By the way, is it alright to use water with a little dettol to bathe the cat? Because I think that's what the shopkeeper's wife used to bath Frisky with.
Friend: I do not think dettol is a good idea, it will make her lose fur! Instead, get a shampoo especially for cats. It's not expensive so more worthwhile investment than dettol for frisky.
Me: Okie, I will check with uncle whether they bath her regularly and what they use. If they bath her regularly, I could buy cat shampoo and pass to them. If not, I may have to consider bathing Frisky myself :)
Friend: I think there was once I bathed my rabbit with a bit of dettol and he lost his fur. After that it was no more dettol!

Lesson learnt: Dettol is for human's use and not suitable for animals! We also use shampoo especially for hamsters when we need to clean my hamsters too.

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