Thursday, June 30, 2005

A treat for ourselves

After work, FT and I went to Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant @ Carlton Hotel and were feeling cold. Luckily the restaurant provided blue woolen shawls which kept us warm. We had a pot of winter melon & duck meat soup (about 3 small bowls each for both of us), 2 sets of pan fried scallop and prawn, stir fried broccoli with garlic, homemade toufu with spinach in starchy oyster sauce and deep fried chicken with fresh mango slices and mango sauce.

For people who like Cantonese double boiled soups, Wah Lok’s soups are nice. The last time we had apple and fish soup and yesterday’s soup of the day didn’t disappoint us. The panfried scallop and prawn still tasted as good as before. The fried chicken was delicious – tender meat and crispy skin that tasted similar to the crispy outside of good goreng pisang. The chicken wasn’t salty and relied on the fragrant crispy skin and the sweet and sour taste of fresh mango and sauce. We were so stuffed after finishing the food and I was glad I didn’t order any rice but FT did and couldn’t finish it. The dinner cost us about $80 altogether. I think it was well worth our money because it was an enjoyable dining experience and we 2 had a good chat. We slowly walked from the hotel to Somerset MRT station to take the train.

When I reached home around 10,30pm, Frisky and a black and white cat with its left ear clipped were resting near the closed shop @ the void deck. I sayang Frisky for a while and the other cat approached me, lying on its side, exposing its belly. I used one hand to stroke Frisky and wanted to use the other hand to touch the other cat on its side but stopped when it seemed to want to paw at me. I shall try again the next time :)

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