Monday, June 06, 2005

Wisdom teeth

This morning @ 9am, I had my upper left wisdom tooth extracted normally. My lower left wisdom tooth which was near the nerve was considered a risky case, so the dentist got her specialist husband to do the surgery. A bit unnerving initially because I have always disliked visits to the dentist. My teeth and gum would feel sensitive after all the polishing. However, the couple were professional and nice and they worked together to drill and pull out the stubborn parts of my lower tooth. My left cheek swelled a little when I left the clinic and also $660 poorer.

I was a bit worried that I will fall into the 1% of people who would have the nerve affected after such surgery and lose any feeling on my left cheek, lips. Luckily everything seems normal, with only a bit of bleeding. My left gums and cheek feel only a bit sore and it's not as painful as I thought it will be. However, I keep craving for food that I don't think I should eat. Like potato chips and some sinful cake. Hee. Now I can understand why my cousin rushed to eat his favorite McDonald meal when he recovered from the removal of 4 wisdom teeth.

Dharma looks a little more grown up today but it is still like a baby and wants us to stroke it or it will want to cuddle close to our hands or body when we let it out for a while.


BAM said...

why do you think you're getting those cravings? How does it link to having the surgery?

coboypb said...

haha. I always think of doing things I can't do when I'm sick or think of food I can't eat :)