Sunday, June 12, 2005

Feasts for my eyes and stomach

Last night, I joined my friend J and her family for dinner @ Pu Tien Restaurant @ Kitchener Road. We ordered a 6-person set dinner for $98 - steamed "Soon Hock", Pork Ribs in hot sauce, steamed prawns in bamboo shoot, home-made beancurd, fried bee hoon with many ingredients, stir fried kailan with beancurd skin and free red bean soup. I like all the dishes and the restaurant located in a shophouse is clean and the service is good and fast. I will bring my family there for a meal soon!

We then headed for the open field in front of Parkview Square opposite the 7 Storey Hotel and Gateway to watch the performance "Olala Kala" by Les Arts Sauts - a company of trapeze artists and musicians. At the field was an inflatable dome which housed a 12 metre high structure (where trapeze artists flew and fell to the beautiful melody created live by a female singer and musicians who were sitting up there). We the audience sat on special deck chairs so that we could lie back and watch the action happening right before our eyes.

The trapeze artists had white paint around their eyes with buffed/toned body (6 pack abs). It is amazing to watch every of them with the strength to hold on to the swing or the hands of a fellow member, with the flexibility to do somersaults and twist in mid air. A lot of powder involved (to ensure dry palms/arms). Timing and coordination/teamwork are important and it is just fascinating to see how these individuals (who definitely weigh more than me (52kg)) could perform such graceful, complex moves. Les Arts Sauts has a website: It was really worth the ticket money ($42) and this is my first time watching such a performance. I am already thinking of going for the upcoming Quidam by Cirque de Soleil.

The night ended on a sweet note where J's family and I had desserts and drinks @ Riccioti @ the Riverwalk. I shared with J a warm chocolate cake with chocolate-chip ice cream. I drank peppermint tea. The rest had cannoli (like a love letter with its centre filled with riccota cheese and dried fruits) and profiteroles (chocolate coated cream puffs with chocolate sauce, pistachio cream centres). I tried a bit of the desserts and they are delicious, decadent. I was told that the italian coffee was good too. Another place to bring my sis/family for breakfast/tea one weekend!

I must have gotten high from the tea and rich chocolate that I was still wide awake @ 1.15am.


JM said...

Hey salty, Glad you enjoyed yourself. We loved your company too! As usual, funny yet honest observations from you. BTW, you are really polite as my mother kept mispronouncing your name the whole night (T instead of C) and you didn’t correct her once! :o) Typically, any outing with my family comes smothered in food, drink and lots of sarcastic (but good-natured) needling… nice of you to join in the fun!

I agree that Ola Kala was truly an enjoyable experience and those frogs really made a great attempt at presenting a unique performing arts experience -- taking the tradition trapeze act to new height and perspectives, literally. Being me, some downsides:
(1) deck chairs not really comfy, felt like i was going to be part of the act and sling-shotted (real verb? Now it is.) into the safety net.

(2) body paint, the powder (as mentioned by you), and tattered-rags costumes masked the true glory of the six packs on the male frenchies abs. They should come out oiled and clad in gold thongs as the greek gods of old they resemble (not the dodgy pervy ones like zeus or hades but the juicy ones like hercules or apollo.) Haha!

(3) What's with the french and their love of weird ethereal music? (Summary of the night's musical score: Hah-hah-aaaAAAHH Hee-hee-HEEEeeeHee HoooOOOooo!)

Keep up the blog – its great! Your heartfelt animal rescues are truly inspirational. Your food experiments, heroic!:o)

coboypb said...

Thanks, jm for reading my blog and I'm glad you enjoy it.

Your comments about the deck chairs, the hunky performers and french music are really funny. Maybe you should start a blog one day because I'm sure it would be interesting and witty!

Your mum called me Jatin? I didn't really notice. I thought I heard her calling me Jessie once :)